Why the ghd Rise™ Is the Next Best Thing in Hair: Q&A with Dr Tim

by Georgia

All Rise. The new ghd Rise is the hottest brush – pardon the pun – to hit the market this year. The round barrel hot brush with nylon bristles is designed for maximum root lift, promising to add twice as much volume to your hair. 

So what is all the fuss about? Will this or won’t this be your hairs next lover? We chat to Dr. Tim Moore, ghd’s Chief Technology Officer on what sets Rise from the rest. 

Why is Rise such a game changed for consumers and what sets it aside from other hot brushes from a technological point of view?

ghd rise is a game changer because it contains the same super smart technology we put in the ghd platinum+ and ghd curve range to give you long lasting healthy looking results. By measuring the temperature at 250 times per second, the device can detect changes in the amount of hair (or what scientists like to call thermal load) and make adjustments to the power to ensure the ultimate styling temperature of 185 is maintained at all times for best results. the ghd rise works a little like this, by sensing the temperature at 250 times a second, the rise can detect very quickly when hair is applied and makes loads of measurements. Then using some fancy mathematics, it can predict what power you hair needs to get the best possible style. So, the ghd rise is super smart – like the ghd platinum+! No other hot brush works like this

What are the key innovations for rise and can you tell us about the process of it’s development?

The big innovation is around the application of the ghd platinum+ and ghd curve technology to rise, but we also had to make sure the bristles were perfect” too long and they will cause hair tangling, too short and usage will be difficult, so a lot of research and work was done in making the bristles of the correct length. But it wasn’t just length, diameter or width of the bristles is super important: they need to be thin enough to separate the hair fibres, but too thin or they will be too flexible which impacts the creation of volume. We had to do a lot of testing to make sure that the bristles were ‘Goldilocks’ perfect.

Image: ghd

How did the inspiration for rise come about and why did ghd decide to create it? Is there a particular demand for volume? 

There is a huge demand for volume, so we wanted to create a product which made it easy and healthy to create volume. We have some great technology so it was exciting to use this technology in a different way to solve the difficult problem of volume creation.

What do you think sets rise aside from hot hair tools in general and what differences will consumers notice when using the tool?

There are two big differences: temperature control and bristle length and width. The temperature control is important to give long lasting results quickly without damage. On some products you have to run them at 210 to get results, which can cause significant hair damage – which you’ll notice from hair breakage in the shower (your plug bungs up!) – and loss of hair colour and frizz – your hair becomes more sensitive to moisture. We always use 185 for optimal results. For the bristles, we spent many hours styling hair to make sure they were perfect to deliver the best volume with ease.

Why is volume such a desired outcome for consumers?

Hair volume can give a look of power along with beauty. Also think people like change and using different styles for different circumstances. Currently with the use of video conferencing being so high, different styles for different days are important and volume in particular comes across well on the laptop screen or mobile phones!

ghd rise is now available online and in select retailers for $310

Words: Georgia Rose
Images: Supplied

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