What to expect from Candela’s Sirius Treatment

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As a practitioner, have you always wanted a Candela device but thought it was out of reach?

We understand that nobody likes hidden or unexpected costs, so Candela offers the assurance of:

  • Three years service with Candela factory trained service technicians
  • Three years clinical training with Candela clinical educators
  • No on-going consumables
  • New IPL handpieces included when maximum shot count is met within three years
  • Guaranteed cost of ownership for three years

When you purchase Candela’s Sirius™ device, you’re investing in innovative medical-grade technology, based on solid science, developed and designed over 20 years. You’re also investing in the three most sought after treatment opportunities for the face and body – photorejuvenation, vascular treatments and hair removal. And the unique patented, narrowband Ellipse IPL™ with dual filters delivers exceptional results.

The Sirius™ treatment delivers patented, narrowband light technology with dual filters for photorejuvenation, hair removal, and facial veins.

Perhaps you or someone you know has been diagnosed with vascular lesions. Generally, vascular lesions are collections of dense, small blood vessels that are in and below the skin.

They can appear anywhere on the body, and can be caused by sun damage, genetic factors, rosacea, or ageing. And they can occur in a variety of forms, including:

The Sirius™ system allows your physician to choose the right type of treatment according to your needs. The system operates by delivering pulses of energy that directly target pigmentations and vessels within the skin. The dual filter on the hand pieces filter out all the harmful wavelength at the spectrum which causes unnecessary heat to your skin.

What can patients expect?

Prior to your Sirius™ procedure, you and your healthcare provider will meet to discuss your treatment goals. Normally, you should avoid sun exposure in the 4 weeks leading up to treatment. After treatment, you should avoid strong sun exposure for one month after treatment.

Your physician will select the most suitable parameter for your condition and skin type.

The number of treatments depends on your skin condition. The treatment time depends on the area to be covered. Soothing gel, cold air or a cold compress may be placed against the skin for comfort.

Patients experience low downtime, a little swelling and redness which disappears in 1-4 days. This may vary depending on treatments performed.

Talk to your healthcare provider about what you can expect with your individual treatment.

100% of patients with disseminated telangiectasia showed excellent results.

90.4% of subjects showed a reduction in diffuse erythema.

*Photos are unretouched. Individual results may vary.


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