What Really are the Benefits of Beauty Fridges?

by Georgia

We are always looking for new ways to enhance our beauty routines. The latest serum, anti-ageing claims – the works. So why is it we overlook beauty gadgets? 

Beauty fridges in particular – they’re tiny, cute and have been a longstanding beauty trend that shook up the bathroom “shelfie” early last year. Brimming with sheet masks, moisturisers and rows of serums – it almost feels like our own little slice of Sephora. 

With over 7,400 #beautyfridge posts on Instagram – its clear the beauty fridge is a must-have bedside – or bathroom – accessory. But seriously, they can actually be super useful! 

A majority of skincare products, especially those with actives, are recommended to find a home in a cool location, out of direct sunlight. “Using a skincare fridge keeps your makeup and facial products at a cool temperature of 3 – 10 Degrees Celsius, prolonging shelf life,” says Tabitha, founder of local brand One Stone Beauty, “A beauty fridge can be better than your kitchen fridge as it reduces contamination, and they are small enough to keep in your bedroom or bathroom.” 

The beauty fridge, available online at One Stone Beauty, has two temperature settings – Cold or Warm. 

The cold setting is perfect for products such as sheet masks, serums, nail polish and skin care products with active ingredients. It is also the ideal place for wellness powders or probiotics that need to be refrigerated. 

Using the warm setting is best for wax sheets, massage oils and lotions and keeping face cleansing cloths warm for those cooler mornings.  

Images: The Beauty Book NZ

So What’s The Benefit?  

The chill factor alone can have beauty benefits. Using cool products and facial tools can help reduce puffiness, especially under the eye. 

Storing your AM routine in the Beauty Fridge will have the most benefits when you’re looking to constrict blood vessels to give an overall firmer and tighter appearance. Founder of Entière Dermatology, Melissa K. Levin, MD, says “For certain products, like eye creams, cooler temperatures can help vasoconstrict blood vessels for an immediate effect, helping to depuff the undereye.” 

It’s not only vanity we are after. Chilled beauty products such as moisturisers can give a cooling and soothing feeling when applied on the skin – for those with dry and itchy skin.

And as we head towards summer – finally! – the One Stone Beauty Fridge is the perfect place to store Aloe Vera. Although we hope you are all wearing your 50+, sunburn has happened to the best of us. 

Another surprising benefit for those with oily skin? One study has shown that for every 1°C change, sebum production decreases by up to 10 per cent! Great news, just in time for warmer months.

With skincare benefits put aside, beauty fridges are perfect little addition, bedside or sink-side. Reducing the overflow of beauty products One Stone Beauty partner Iyia Liu notes “My One Stone Beauty Fridge helped me to keep my cosmetics stored tidily. The temperature keeps your cosmetics fresher for longer, which is helping to save money in the long run.” 

Who doesn’t want a mini instagramable new addition for that instant hit of cooling, we’re sold! 

Shop the One Stone Beauty Fridge, available online for $99. 

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Words: Georgia Rose
Images: Georgia Rose for The Beauty Book, Pinterest

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