How to Get the Cara Delevingne Brows You’ve Always Wanted

by Georgia

Bushy, fluffy, windswept. Big, full brows have been the focus of our faces for a while now, but getting the perfectly manicured, yet unruly look isn’t as easy as celebrities make it out to be. Now a new treatment is giving you the brows you’ve always wanted in less than an hour!

The innovative technique ‘Brow lamination’ is being touted as the new microblading’. Originating in Russia, it’s a non-invasive, semi-permanent version of the trendy soap brows, quickly making its way south. 

Brow Lamination takes your unruly brow hairs and smoothes them out, whilst also lifting the hair in a vertical direction. Essentially a perm for your eyebrows, Lash Noir uses a series of Keratin and Protein infusions designed to reshape the brows with hairs you already have. 

The Procedure; 

The lamination is similar to a lash lift – it gives them a set and uniform shape for an extended period. Instead of curls, the setting lotion helps brows stay brushed and lifted for up to six weeks. 

First, your brows are shaped, and the first solution is applied through the brow hairs and left on for ten minutes to make them malleable. Then, they are brushed up to their desired shape, and the ‘laminating’ solution is applied to keep the hairs in position. 

Keeping your brows dry for 24 hours may mean skipping that F45 session, but it’s all for a good reason. Kirsten, from Lash Noir, noted that, “The brows will calm over a few days and settle,” so there’s no need to panic if they look is a little OTT for you. 

Lash Noir provides two options for brow laminations to ensure you walk out with the perfect effect; 

  • The ‘Cara’ Look – big and bushy. 
  • The ‘Beach Waves’ Look – a more low key version of the first. 

Having fuller brows myself, microblading wasn’t something I thought I needed, however, my brows always lacked that extra finesse. Lamination helps to pull those ‘lazy’ hairs that are flat or hiding, to fill in the gaps. No matter what your brow concern is it’s the perfect way to keep them tidy and groomed for that ‘I woke up like this look’, meaning you won’t have to brush your brows into place in the morning!

It’s no surprise the treatment is quickly becoming the go-to for taming wild hairs, offering you brows to envy. No matter what state your brows are in – Brow Lamination will emulate the arches of your favourite celebrities whether you’re a Cara Delevingne or Lucy Boynton. 

Georgia was gifted the Brow Lamination treatment at Lash Noir Auckland. Brow Lamination starts at $129.

Words: Georgia Rose
Header Image: Pinterest

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