Wellness Series – Olivia Scott

by Amanda

By Amanda Basher

Olivia Scott is a well-known Author, Energy Healer & Coach based in Grey Lynn, Auckland. By day you’ll find her in her Healing Studio working 1-1 with clients, the rest of the time you’ll find her hiking, cooking, practicing yoga, making playlists and sipping coffee at her local.

In 2018 and after working with Maybelline as a guest mentor for young entrepreneurs, she began business coaching. After selling her business in early 2019 she continued working as a coach and gained her qualification as a Reiki Master teacher, to further strengthen her understanding of intuition and energy. 

Olivia has worked with women across many age groups and industries from beauty, wellness and fitness to media & design and is passionate about using and sharing the skills she has learned and developed as a both a business owner and energy healer.

As a part of our wellness series to celebrate the launch of the NEW Care Edition of The Beauty Book, we chatted to Olivia about her own wellness routine.

How do you unwind after a busy day?

Depending on my energy levels, I try to get a walk in before dinner to clear my head. If I am feeling tired, reading my book (even just for 10-20 minutes) really does wonders for helping to let go of the day. I find it important to change out of my work clothes and into something that feels lighter or more comfortable. If it has been a particularly busy day I try to get in an Epsom salt bath and get my thoughts onto paper so I don’t have things processing in my mind before sleep. 

What are some of your key self-care practices that ensure you keep your cup full?

Ensuring I have enough (but not too much!) inward time balanced with enough outward time. Inward for me looks like time alone for reflection, walking, journaling, rest or nature. Outward time for me means prioritising my favourite people, being creative, learning new things, connecting with new people or getting out to social/networking events. I find when I have enough rest, I can be my best self for when I am out.

How has the unforeseen circumstances of the last 18 months impacted how you view self-care?

I have a new appreciation for what real productivity is. Time doesn’t necessarily equate to output for me anymore. I have realised that when pressure is taken away and we are given room to pause, we can make better decisions. I now see that real self-care impacts how much clarity and impact we can have in our lives and in everything we do, not to mention a deeper understanding of who we are and how we impact our environments.   

What advice would you like to have given to your younger self when it comes to health & wellness?

I would say to drink plenty of water and never take health for granted. Health really is simple – plenty of veges, keep it natural, and keep moving the body. 

What is your favourite affirmation?

How we take care of ourselves is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves. So, the kinder we can be to our body, the better we feel. 


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