Wellness Series – Emma Peters

by Amanda

By Amanda Basher

Emma Peters is the founder of Aleph Beauty and is a sought-after makeup artist with nearly three decades in the industry. Aleph Beauty was founded as Emma became acutely aware that the products she was wearing, and using on clients, contained potentially health-damaging ingredients yet with some more natural alternatives, the functionality wasn’t there. The result is an infinitely customisable makeup range that empowers the creativity of the user while ticking the boxes of a conscious customer.

As a part of our wellness series to celebrate the launch of the NEW Care Edition of The Beauty Book, we chatted to Emma about her own wellness routine.

How do you unwind after a busy day?

Watching the sunset off our deck then snuggling up with the kids in front of the TV to watch an episode of their current retro favourite.

What are some of your key self-care practices that ensure you keep your cup full?

Definitely early morning meditation and a morning walk or run. These two rituals keep me grounded, grateful and full of energy for the day.

How has the unforeseen circumstances of the last 18 months impacted how you view self-care?

If anything, it has reaffirmed my knowledge that managing input is of utmost importance. The mind goes where to where the focus is. So, choosing to focus on gratitude and feelings of growth and abundance puts me in a much better frame of mind to deal with the day to day stressors. Given this, my meditation practice has necessarily intensified.

What advice would you like to have given to your younger self when it comes to health & wellness?

I would like to say “consistency is the key, you might not nail it (the perfect diet, optimal health, that perfect yoga pose, an intense meditation) in one stroke, but by coming at it from all angles with persistence and consistency, change and growth will inevitably happen”.

What is your favourite affirmation?

“You are the Universe” (usually accompanied in my mind by the rest of the song by the Brand New Heavies).


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