Wedding Make Up Tips With Sam Hart

by Georgia

With weddings now back on the cards, planning mode is in full swing. As the bride, you want to ensure you look and feel your best on the day. The Beauty Book had a chat to Sam Hart, Professional Makeup Artist and Director of Advanced Artistry Makeup Academy about her favourite Wedding Make Up tips and tricks.

What is the most popular wedding makeup look you do?

The most popular look I do is what I call “Natural Glam” it has all the elements of a full makeup applied in natural way. I love enhancing a brides features, not masking them!

What is the biggest mistake brides make with their wedding makeup?

Wearing sunscreen! I know it’s controversial, but sunscreen is one of the main reasons you could have flashback. Sunscreen reflects light, so when flash photography happens it will cause a white cast on the face. This leaves your face and body two different colours. I never add sunscreen in my makeup looks but some brides insist on putting it on. Nearly every bride who has done that has messaged once they got their photos back and said they should have listened to me.

How should brides prepare their skin for their make up?

HYDRATION IS KEY! If you want your make up to sit smooth and flawless, you want plump juicy skin! Drink plenty of water and invest in a hydrating mask. An exfoliating treatment is great too but if you have never had one make sure you trial it months before the wedding. I have seen too many brides have a fancy skin treatment the week before the wedding and have a major breakout. Not ideal.

How far out does wedding makeup need to be booked?

Well it all depends on whether or not you are a big makeup wearer or if it’s important to you. If it’s an important part of your big day you want to book your favourite makeup artist as soon as possible. I for instance get booked out a year or two in advance.

What is your best piece of makeup advice for brides?

Have a trial! It means way less stress for you and your makeup artist. That way you can try out different colours and styles. Sometimes what you think you want from a picture on the internet doesn’t suit your features. So, its best to try it beforehand!

Find Sam at  or on Instagram @samhartsam

Words: Amanda Basher                                                                                                                                           Images: Supplied 

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