Velettà, the Best Nature Has to Offer

by Sophie

Velettà’s luxury skincare is natural and vegan and filled with the best nature has to offer. It is exactly what your skin needs. 

Velettà was founded by Sarah Bacon, a former lawyer who decided at 40 that she wanted to change her work life and embark on a new path. 

Sarah wanted to develop a skincare brand that was uplifting, inclusive and easy on the environment. From the outset, she was determined to produce a range that would nourish and beautified her client’s skin without unnecessary chemicals and fillers and one which was cruelty-free and vegan. 

She spent years experimenting with the formulations, testing products on women of all ages, refining and honing the formulations until she had achieved the perfect balance: a natural, luxurious skincare regime that helps to create glowing, even-toned, healthy skin.

“As modern, multi-tasking women we don’t have much spare time, and so skincare needs to truly deliver, while also acting as a luxurious ritual,” says Bacon, 50. “Every product in the Velettà collection works overtime to help your skin look the best it can — hydrated, smooth, even-toned and glowing — without using any unnecessary, unnatural ingredients.” 

“Making the products vegan and cruelty-free seemed like an obvious move,” the Wellington resident adds. “It provides women with an extra level of certainty that the products they’re putting on their skin really are completely natural, and that they don’t compromise their beliefs in any way.” 

Velettà is for the spa and for home.  Designed to be used in spas and salons (we offer salon sizes) using our luxurious experiential protocols and at home twice a day – bookending your day with joy.

Velettà, produced in small batches in the South Island of New Zealand, is available online at and is stocked in retail stores, salons and spas. 

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