Unlock glowing skin & a healthy gut with Soochi Glow Berry

by mera

As we approach the colder Winter months, we’re finding ourselves indoors, looking for ways to entertain in the comfort of our own homes. July is an especially interesting time when it comes to home entertainment as many of us would be embracing Dry July, an entire month where we all volunteer our bodies in detoxifying from the first 6 months of the year where we may have ambushed our gut, skin (and liver) with alcohol. It’s not all doom and gloom however, as we have recently discovered Soochi’s latest creation Glow Berry in their ‘Prejuvenation Beverage’ line to help us get back on track and reverse those signs of damage.

Here are all the reasons why we’re obsessed with Soochi Glow Berry:

  1. It’s an all-female founded company with purpose.

Founded by an Asian, Middle-Eastern, European-Kiwi powerhouse female team on a shared mission to elevate your daily self-care routine. At their core, they honour authentic womxn who go against the grain and challenges the status quo, which is not only reflective in the product Glow Berry they’ve developed (first and only scientifically-backed Prejuvenation Beverage available in New Zealand), but also translates to all their recent efforts to promote womxn, for example sponsoring an event supporting local-female artists based in Christchurch where proceeds went towards Women’s Refuge.


   2. Glow Berry is the perfect alcohol alternative.

Glow Berry is a collagen + prebiotics soda infused with intelligent, supercharged ingredients to unlock glowing skin and a healthy gut. It is low in sugar, low calorie, with locally sourced ingredients from around New Zealand and is the perfect guilt free pick-me-up, or alcoholic beverage alternative.


  3. Your skin and gut will LOVE you for drinking it.

Soochi leverages two scientifically backed ingredients – Collagen for skincare and Prebiotics for gut health. Essentially, the Prebiotics are the food for your good bacteria in your tummy (probiotics). The prebiotics feed the probiotics. This means that the bad bacteria are starved, and your good flora that are already established in your tummy, thrive! Their specific prebiotics are in Fibersol-2™ which has been backed by various peer reviewed scientific journals. In terms of their Collagen, they use Bovine which are sourced from cows. The reason they do this is because of their commitment to high animal welfare standards, plus the specific molecular weight and size of the peptides that make Soochi Glow Berry clinically proven to stimulate the fibroblasts in your skin as well as your hair and nails. It’s not about the type of collagen, but about the molecular weight that is what makes collagen effective. They use Type I predominantly (95%) and a sprinkling of type III (5%), which has a molecular weight of 2kDa, one of the smallest weights available, making it a high absorbing collagen.


  4. It actually works.

In their research, they know that for most people, oral collagen consumption of 2500-5000 mg daily for 4-12 weeks promotes skin elasticity, hydration, and decreased fine lines and wrinkles in most people. They have put in the maximum dose of 5000mg of collagen peptides per can to help you show off your best self. After drinking one can per day for 4 weeks we can expect glowing skin and better digestion / gut health.


  5. The berries mixed with sparkling water makes it so refreshing and delicious.

It’s a super light and refreshing sparkling soda with hints of berries, citrus and botanics. The combination of pomegranate, raspberries and blackcurrant invigorates the taste palate, and with no added sugar it is guilt-free so you’ll be craving it daily. 


For us, Soochi is the new cult beauty and wellness brand that is truly making our daily self-care routines easier and more convenient. You can purchase Soochi Glow Berry on their website, or have a scroll through their Instagram



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