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Top Tips For The Perfect Blow Dry

by Georgia

Let hair air dry / towel dry first. 

Its best to ensure all the water is out of the hair before beginning to blow dry. Pre dry throughly with a towel and if you have thick hair, lightly dry the rest with the hairdryer. This means your blow-dry will be easier and faster!

Always use a heat protector

Spraying on a heat protector is essential, whether you blow dry everyday or once in a blue moon. Heat sprays protect the hair from heat damage, working to keep the hair smooth and silky regardless of how often you blow dry, or hot style you hair. 

Depending on your hair type you might want to add some extra product. A volume cream for fine hair or smoothing product for thick, coarse hair.

Invest in a good hair dryer.

A high voltage and good quality hairdryer is important. Hair Dresser Leanne Rose recommends a Parlux hairdryer, as the tourmaline and ionic technology helps prevents frizz.

The right tools

Brush – Having a large round roller for bounce and movement, or a paddle brush for a straighter, smooth look. For shorter hair, a smaller ceramic brush is great.

Sectioning Clips – Large butterfly clips gather sections of the hair well and keep it secured on the head.

Nozzle – Gives the air direction, to stop the hair blowing around. Gives smoother more controlled blow-dry.

Section Hair.

Section hair with large butterfly clips to have more control over styling. This also ensures you won’t miss any pieces. 

Quick Fire Tips 

It is important to keep your angle going in the same direction. Keep good tension on the brush.
Face the head of the hairdryer down the hair, not up. Use the nozzle to direct heat and air into small sections for a better result. 

To finish – a hot brush, such as the GHD Hot Brush, is handy for those with longer hair to add a smoother, straighter finish.

Words: Georgia Rose                                                                                                    Images: Pinterest 

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