Top Tips for Applying False Lashes in Minutes

by Georgia

You might not wear false lashes on the daily but now and then it’s great to be able to pop on a pair to enhance your eye look. A set of falsies can quickly add depth and dimension to your natural lashes, making them appear fuller and longer, while also opening up your eyes. Professional Makeup Artist Grayson Coutts explains the do’s and don’t of false lashes, and the foolproof way to apply them yourself at home.

I incorporate false lashes into about 75% of my looks, and I absolutely love the eye-opening effect they have. But I know how much of a struggle it can be to apply them yourself at home, so I wanted to share with you my top tips for tackling the false lash.

Step 1: Prepare your lashes.

Most false lash strips are actually quite long (in terms of the lashline). The idea is that it could work for anyone whether you have smaller or larger eyes, but 90% of us need to trim a bit of length off so that they fit correctly. Measure them up and cut them to fit your lash line. For a full lash, you want the outer corner of the false lash to sit right at the outer corner of your natural lash line; and the inner corner to sit about where your natural lashes begin. I usually trim from the inner corners to maintain the length in the outer corners.

Step 2: Apply the Glue

Apply a thin layer of glue all along the lash line of each of the false lashes. Make sure the glue is consistent across the lash band with no gaps. Now, perhaps most importantly, allow them to dry for 30-60 seconds depending on your glue before applying it. It should go a slightly translucent blue shade once it’s ready. I place each one back on the lash try upside down while I wait for this to happen.

Step 3: Apply the Lashes

Tilt your chin up so you’re looking downwards into the mirror (this will expose more of your eyelid while allowing you to keep both eyes open). Now place the middle of the lash band as close to your lash line as you can and press down once you have it in the right spot. Now do the same with corners. You might need to press each section a few times, holding for a few seconds until it sticks. Now repeat on the other side. Tweezers are useful to help you apply and position the lashes, especially if working with a more natural set.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

I like to apply mascara after applying false lashes because it blends them with your natural lashes and makes them look more natural. If you want to reuse the false lashes, then apply mascara before you put the lashes on instead. Lastly, I usually like to apply a thin line of eyeliner along the band of the false lashes to colour it in as it can sometimes be a bit obvious otherwise. Alternatively, you can do this before you apply the glue if you’re not confident applying it once they’re on your eyes

Here are a few more tips to REALLY improve your lash game:

  • For even more dimension, curl your natural eyelashes before putting the false set on. This will lift your lashes, making them appear longer, and your eyes look bigger.
  • To accentuate a winged liner, apply false lashes only to the outer 1/3 of the lash line, rather than right the way along. Just trim the lashes to size.
  • When selecting false lashes, opt for ones that have a very thin, almost non-existent lash band. These will feel the most comfortable and will flex to fit the contour of your eye better, Don’t get the ones that look like they have a thick strip of eyeliner on them – they’re incredibly stiff and uncomfortable to wear and are more likely to come off throughout the day.
  • If you gently clean them after wear and store them correctly, you can get about three wears out of each pair. Store them in the original tray they came in or stick them to an old tube of mascara to keep the rounded shape. Just keep them stored in a sanitary place: remember these are going on your eyes!

Words: Grayson Coutts                                                                                                   Images: Pinterest 

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