The Revitalash Story

by Sophie

Long, thick eyelashes are universally coveted by women to adorn the windows to their souls. From fake lashes to extensions, us women have experimented with a variety of solutions to flirt and flutter with our eyes. As of late, lash serums have quickly become a beauty staple to strengthen lashes and keep them healthy to protects against breakage and lash loss.

When it comes to over the counter lash growth serums, there’s a myriad of options to choose from at all price points. However, the most renowned and top of mind brand would, without a doubt, be the award-winning Revitalash

In this issue of The Beauty Book, we talk to the founder and CEO of Revitalash, Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff, about how it all began and the brand’s philanthropic endeavours to help women around the world feel naturally beautiful. 

Revitalash Cosmetics has a beautiful origin story which stems from a fierce love which is still carried within the brand’s ethos in its practices. Can you share with us as to how it all began? 

Growing up, I loved science.  I went to medical school, became a physician, specialized in the eyes, and eventually entered the practice of medicine as a board-certified Ophthalmologist in 1983. I had no idea I would eventually have a career in the beauty and cosmetics arena!  

My wife, Gayle, courageously fought a battle with metastatic breast cancer for over 25 years.  She was diagnosed with the disease at the young age of 32. As you know, chemotherapy is often accompanied by harsh side effects. Gayle was especially sad that her once-beautiful eyelashes were severely damaged as a result of her many chemotherapy treatments.  Naturally, I wanted to help her through her difficult physical and emotional journey, so I used the scientific knowledge that I had acquired in my Ophthalmology practice to create a formula that would help restore the health and beauty of her natural eyelashes. This formula, after many refinements and improvements, eventually became our RevitaLash® Advanced. Gayle was my inspiration.     

What kind of results can consumers expect to see from RevitaLash Cosmetics’ products?

Our heritage is rooted in delivering results that enhance a woman’s natural beauty. We now have over 13 products to choose from to help beautify lashes, brows and hair.  While we are a cosmetics brand, we’re uniquely positioned as one of the few physician led, dermatologist reviewed and clinically tested brands on the market. This means our products are always held to stringent testing processes to ensure they are safe and results-driven – and they are also made with clean ingredients. Beyond that, RevitaLash Cosmetics is a brand committed to formulating products that deliver skin and hair loving ingredients, such as Biotin, Vitamin E, and peptides. This ensures both immediate and long-term benefits while using any of our products. 

What makes RevitaLash® Advanced different to other lash conditioning products on the market today?

The key to RevitaLash®Advanced is our proprietary BioPeptin Complex®, a breakthrough cosmetic technology designed to condition and strengthen while protecting against breakage and improving flexibility and shine. Combined with powerful antioxidants and fortifying amino acids, it works in concert to enhance natural beauty, and create the impression of iconic-looking lashes. This unique, one-of-a-kind technology helped RevitaLash Advanced become the top-selling eyelash serum in the world, along with our consumer study results where 98% of participants said they experienced improved lash appearance, as well as stronger and healthier lashes.*

Giving back 365 days of the year is a huge part of Revitalash Cosmetics’ active business principles. What does it mean to be ‘Eternally Pink’ and how many people have been positively impacted by this?

Philanthropy is truly at the heart of RevitaLash® Cosmetics. We are proud of our legacy and we honor Gayle’s fight and the cause that started it all with ongoing support for global breast cancer awareness as part of our Eternally Pink pledge.

While it’s impossible to quantify exactly how many people have been positively impacted through our efforts, we try to ensure any and all support – whether mission, product, or financially driven – directly and positively makes an impact at the “individual” level so as to improve quality of life.  Whether it’s donating products to cancer patients or hosting events to bring together the world’s brightest minds, RevitaLash Cosmetics’ goal is to not only help people feel beautiful during treatment, but to be on the forefront of finding a cure for this disease; a goal in which the brand fights for every single day, in honor of Gayle, and all those dealing with a difficult cancer diagnosis.

Following on from last year’s fundraiser, what can we expect from RevitaLash Cosmetics this year for us to help support charities?

We’re thrilled to bring back our International Greater Giving Program this year and are excited to announce that along with the help of our amazing international distributors, we’ve upped our giving by $50K. We look forward to working closely with New Zealand for the 3rd year in a row to hit our goals and be able to give back to this year’s chosen charity, Look Good Feel Better, who does incredible work that aligns with our mission of improving lives for those dealing with a difficult cancer diagnosis.

A little birdie told me that there is a cancer-focused research project in the works! Can you tell us a little bit about this?

My relationship with cancer is a very personal one.  As part of our mission as a company, RevitaLash Cosmetics is committed to helping in the search for a cure for this disease.  I am excited about the research and development projects that we are currently supporting, and I am hopeful and optimistic that breakthroughs are near!  More on this next year!

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