The Refill Programme You’ve All Been Waiting For Has Launched

by Georgia

An Emma Lewisham product is forever. I bet that’s not something you hear very often. 

Now, I’m not suggesting you hide them away on your beauty shelf, never to see the light of day. Her formulae are just too beneficial for your skin to miss out. EL products are SO good you’ll be wanting to purchase more, and that’s just the thing – your product can last more than one lifetime. 

As part of Emma Lewisham’s goal of becoming 100% circular by the end of 2021, the brand welcomes the Emma Lewisham Refill Programme. 

Currently, the global cosmetics packaging industry produces 120 billion units of packaging every year, with only a small percentage of the packaging being accepted by our local kerbside recycling programs, a large majority is destined for the landfill. As Emma puts it, “If this level of consumption continues there will be 12 billion tonnes of plastic in landfills or scattered through our ecosystems by 2050 – that’s the equivalent of 35,000 Empire State Buildings”. 

Image: Emma Lewisham

Part of the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle, the newly streamlined Refill Programme allows customers to send back their used jars and bottles to be refilled and reused. Moving away from the take-make-dispose linear model many beauty businesses are built on. 

So how can we take part? 

Starting tomorrow, Friday the 11th of September, the updated website will provide a refill button under your chosen product. It’s as simple as clicking the button and following the prompts. All products, except Skin Shield, can be returned for a refill.  

When you receive your Emma Lewisham order, a bottle that has been cleaned, sterilised and kept in circulation, you will also receive a return shipping label. Simply pop your empty packaging inside the order bag and drop off at your local NZ Post Shop. By using the same back, your refill order arrived in also keeps the bag in circulation, which can be used several times! 

The Benefits?

Although Emma Lewisham offers a discount of $5 per product to incentivise customers to use the Refill Program, the overall focus of the initiative is the benefits it will have on our planet and ecosystem. 

When customers opt to use the Refill Programme there is quantifiable impact per product:

  • 70% less C02 emissions created.
  • 60% less energy wasted. 
  • 45% less water used.

The Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle Recycling Programme, in partnership with TerraCycle, was the brand’s first significant step towards circularity. Since its launch in June of this year, the programme has recycled over two thousand facial beauty products’ packaging. So while you can now recycle your Emma Lewisham products directly, as the rest of your skincare kit runs dry, double up with recycling both. 

Become part of the Emma Lewisham difference today by refilling your empties online at

Words: Georgia Rose
Images: Emma Lewisham

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