The Perfect Canvas

by mera

By Mera Tabarruk

While summer is slowly coming to an end, that doesn’t mean your tan and suncare routine has to go with it!

Here’s our current favourite suncare and faux tanning products to get that gorgeous glow without spending hours out in the harsh sun.

The art of self-tanning your face is not always the easiest (compared to tanning the rest of your body) so you need to be equipped with the right products to get you the look you desire. Bondi Sands Pure Sleep Mask combines the iconic Bondi golden glow with skin-loving hyaluronic acid for hydration, vitamin C for brightening and vitamin E for repair. Wake up with luminous, hydrated skin and a radiating tint that doesn’t stain your pillowcase.

If you prefer a quick spritz, Bondi Sands Pure Renew Face mist is a self-tanner and skincare product in one. The scentless spray develops a gorgeous colour with no tell-tale streaks using sensitive skin ingredients along with ceramides for that extra skincare boost.

Left it last minute? Just spray the 1 Hour Express Face Mist onto your mitt and buff into the skin (don’t forget to blend into your hair and jawline). Delivering a streak-free, no smell finish, minimal dry time and a supple hydrated glow, this lightweight mist is a quick fix to all face tan-trums. 😉

Keep your canvas in the best shape of its life and prolong your tanning efforts with brightening besties Gold’n Hour and Eye Spy. Enriched with 10% vitamin C, kakadu plum and licorice root extract, Gold’n Hour brightens uneven and dull skin while Eye Spy is packed with vitamin C, green coffee beans and carrot oil to soothe and hydrate tired eyes.

Bondi Sands is available in Farmers, Chemist Warehouse, Unichem and Life Pharmacies.

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