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by mera

By Mera Tabarruk

Meet the most innovative and unique way of applying your makeup, queue The Perfect Squeeze; a beauty sponge that disperses your liquid makeup products for flawless and quick application.

The Perfect Squeeze beauty tool has been cleverly designed to hold your beauty/skincare liquids (even sunscreen) in a compact bulb without oxidising. You have the choice of two sponge attachments (contour or blending sponge), give the bulb a little squeeze and watch your foundation/liquids disperse through the top of the sponge. Now you don’t have to take multiple products with you, its less mess and the bonus – you use less makeup as you simply use what you squirt out! The rest goes back into the bulb.

How to use The Perfect Squeeze

Step One

Take out the nozzle and click into the funnel, pour in desired beauty liquids. As you squeeze into the bulb, it will pull the liquid product into the bulb. Beauty liquids can stay in the bulb for up to 3 days, however if you are using sunscreen it is best to empty and clean daily!

Step Two

Remove the funnel and replace the nozzle (if you are using mixed liquids then give the bulb a shake or give it a stir prior to replacing the nozzle with the handle end of the cleaning brush in your kit).

Step Three

Pick your desired sponge (there’s two to choose from The Perfect Squeeze) and dampen with water. Slide over the top of the nozzle and twist and click over the neck groove of the bulb.

Step Four

Lightly squeeze the bulb and the beauty liquid will disperse through the top of your sponge. Pop it in your pouch and use it whenever you need a touchup! Remember to rinse out sponges daily with gentle cleansers and leave to dry.

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