The Healing Touch – Cosmetic Tattoo Aftercare

by Georgia

No matter the treatment or the artist, the aftercare advice is generally the same when it comes to cosmetic tattooing and it is important that this advice is followed to ensure the best results. However, where the advice can differ is in relation to what aftercare product should be used to quickly and effectively heal. This is where Electric Ink Tattoo Care are here to help. Electric Ink Tattoo Care has been scientifically formulated with tattoos in mind and as a result have created a range of high performing tattoo skincare products designed to do everything from rapidly heal through to protect from fading.


The Electric Ink Repair Cream took almost 2 years to perfectly formulate and is designed to rapidly heal a fresh cosmetic tattoo. 

This repair cream provides a luxurious and natural alternative to healing and contains a wide variety of natural actives that protect and aid the recovery of damaged skin immediately after tattooing.

These natural actives include;

Botanical Blend- Soothing and anti-inflammatory agent which helps with protecting and replenishing the skins barrier.
Bisabolol- Extracted from Chamomile and is known as a natural remedy for sensitive and easily inflamed, irritated skin.
Vitamin E- Skin conditioning and a super antioxidant.
Panthenol- Is a provitamin which is able to hydrate and moisturise the skin from within.

The lightweight formula isn’t greasy, allowing your tattoo and skin to breath during recovery. This is great particularly on freshly tattooed or microbladed brows.
The Repair Cream is:

100% Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Fragrance Free, Hypoallergenic. Apply as needed while the tattoo is healing.

Electric Ink Repair Cream 60ml – RRP $24.99 BUY NOW


Once your tattoo is healed you want to protect the pigment from fading. This is particularly important with cosmetic tattoos as the pigment sits within the superficial layers of the skin hence fade a lot faster.

The Electric Ink Vibrancy Serum has been scientifically formulated to enhance colour and protect ink from fading. 

This hero serum contains:

Liftonin-Expert- To support the intensity of the tattoo ink. 

Inca Inchi Oil- Obtained from the Peruvian Amazonia Plant, this ingredient helps to improve skin elasticity and maintains skin hydration.

Vitamin C- Helps protect from sun damage and acts like an antioxidant.

Amino Acids- Acts as a skin conditioner with pH regulating properties. It also improves clarity.

100% Vegan and Cruelty Free. Use the Vibrancy Serum 2-3 times per week once healed. 

Electric Ink Vibrancy Serum 60ml – RRP $39.99 BUY NOW

Electric Ink Tattoo Care is available online at and at leading pharmacies and cosmetic tattoo artists nationwide*

*Convenient 10ml sizes are available exclusively at cosmetic tattoo artists.

This article was brought to you by Electric Ink Skin NZ 

Words: Amanda Basher                                                                                                                                         Images: Supplied 

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