The Fundamentals of Wellness in 2020

by Georgia

Wellness is an approach to healthcare that promotes a healthy lifestyle, preventing illness as opposed to treating disease. There are many various ways to attain health that can be implemented to reach wellness, the key is to mix and match to suit your individual needs and keep stress to a minimum.

Below are some of our favourite fundamentals of wellness in 2020.

Spending just 30 mins outdoors in nature can lift your mood, increase circulation and get your steps in, all at once. Just apply mindfulness and observe your surroundings, taking everything in.

Starting a journal, using mindfulness around mental health is trending. When we make conscious decisions with our daily choices, we can shape our days for the better. Try to make it a habit of writing what you are grateful for each day, rather than what frustrates you.

Indoor plants are also trending. Plants make your home look beautiful; they are therapeutic to look after and they provide your home with clean oxygen. There are many easy-care plants to choose from that will add extra happiness to your home. Remember to keep both yourself and your plants adequately hydrated.

Adding a portion of dark leafy green vegetables (1/2 cup cooked or 1 cup raw) to each meal delivers a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that your body will love you for. They are low in calories but generous in health benefits, also super easy to grow at home.

Switch off at least an hour before bed. Most of us have phones, laptops and many different screens that we spend many hours looking at each day. It is important to let your mind wind down before you try and go to sleep and give yourself the best chance to set yourself up for a great tomorrow, switch to a book – The real kind with actual pages and a bookmark!

Words: Sally Cogle                                                                                                                                                    Images: Unsplash 

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