The Facial So Advanced, It Has Been Named The Immortal

by Georgia

The Immortal Facial is the holy grail in advanced skin treatments curated by Lead Skin Expert Melissa Gladding, the director of FaceTime Skin Clinic. This breakthrough treatment is designed to teach your skin to rethink and rebuild its core strength. The results are designed to tighten, lift, revitalize and renew. 

So, what makes The Immortal stand the test of time? The procedure which took a long time to design, research and perfect, uses a combination of leading treatments; DMK Enzyme, Dermapen 4 Collagen Induction and Healite II Rejuvenation Light Therapy that work in synergy to create a noticeable change in the dermal layers of the skin.

Our editor-in-chief Amanda Basher had the pleasure of meeting Melissa Gladding and experiencing The Immortal first hand.

After cleansing the skin, the first step was the Healite II Rejuvenation Light Therapy for 20minutes. Melissa explained that the role of light therapy as a first step was to prepare the skin by energizing the cells like a charger. It stimulates blood circulation to directly deliver oxygen, nutrients and water to the cells via the blood network preconditioning the skin for optimum response to the Dermapen 4.

The next step was the Dermapen 4 Collagen Induction. The pen was set to a bespoke depth of 0.7mm; however, the needle depth was varied at times. For anyone like me, who gets a little uncomfortable at the thought of needles, Melissa is great at letting you know exactly what sensation to expect and when. She was right on the money! This step took approximately 9 minutes and was a little painful at times but definitely bearable.

This step in The Immortal is tailored to each client, and the therapist will determine the best needle depth based on the skin and desired results. This is because the depth used on one person can create an entirely different response on another; hence the importance of the consultation and tailoring correctly. Melissa explained that your skin is a series of hills and valleys not defined layers and different for each individual. This is why your therapist will constantly and carefully watch the skin while treating and adjust the needle depth accordingly.

Melissa went on to explain the power of the Dermapen 4 which is able to treat the skin at an epidermal level (for the likes of pigmentation and improving tone and texture) through to a dermal level where the focus is more on targeting loss of firmness, sagging, deeper lines and scarring. A good visual indicator for a therapist is erythema (redness) on the skin for an epidermal treatment. For dermal treatments, some bleeding or blood needs to be seen to know that the area is being targeted correctly. This is because blood vessels lie in the dermis.

The Dermapen 4 can range in needle depth from 0.2mm right up to 3mm. There are 14 needles, and at the devices top speed, they are able to oscillate in and out of the skin at 120 times per second creating many micro-channels in the skin, all designed to increase results.

The next step in The Immortal was the DMK Enzyme Therapy. This is a treatment on its own that I had heard a lot about and was looking forward to experiencing. The DMK Enzyme Therapy works to rebuild and remodel the skin by correcting internal dysfunctions and re-training the skin to behave how it did when it was younger. The treatment remained on the skin for 40 minutes and was a unique experience as you could feel your skin pulsate beneath. Melissa described this as your skin having its own heartbeat.

The final step was transdermal infusion. In this step, 7-10 active treatment products are layered onto the skin, which are then transdermally delivered into the skin and utilised at a cellular level. Melissa explained that any actives not initially utilised by the cells would sit in the voids of the skin where the cells will uptake what they need, as they need it, over a period of time which means no goodness goes to waste. This step is designed to saturate the skin with everything needed to repair, rejuvenate and support the skin post-treatment.

Melissa is an extremely talented therapist who has a beautiful way of explaining each step of The Immortal and why she spent time curating it. I left FaceTime feeling like my skin had been on an incredible journey. That night my skin was slightly flushed and a little tender, but by the morning, my skin was glowing and felt utterly refined. The glow seemed to last for quite a few days, and foundation was unnecessary. I would highly recommend the experience!

The Immortal Facial is available exclusively at FaceTime Skin Clinic                                                                       RRP $449  |

Words: Amanda Basher                                                                                                                                            Images: Supplied 

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