The Down Low on Preventative Botox

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It is common knowledge that Botulinum Toxic works wonders to smooth out existing wrinkles in order to achieve younger looking skin. But can the same product also be used as a preventative treatment before there any signs of fine lines and wrinkles? The Beauty Book sat down with Courtney Ackland from Bo Injectable to find out more.

What is Preventative Botox?

Preventative Botox is all about preventing the lines from coming through or getting any deeper. Essentially, we are ‘preserving’ the face in a really natural and subtle way.

How is this different to someone using Botox as a corrective?

Once the lines are formed they are much harder to soften. By doing Botox for preventative measures, you aren’t giving the lines much of a chance to form. Saying that, if you do have deep lines it doesn’t mean it’s too late! You can still get a really good result and over time the lines will soften they just may not disappear.

Is there an ideal age to consider using Botox as a preventative?

There’s no real ideal age to get Botox. I always tell my clients if the lines are bothering you or starting to bother you, then that’s the right time!

Where is Botox most commonly applied when using it as a preventative?

Forehead, frown and crows are the most common areas, at the moment crows seem to be super popular.

How does it work? Does it take long to see a result?

Essentially Botox works by temporarily stopping the messages being sent to the muscle, which means that the muscle is temporarily unable to contract like it used to. Normally you need to allow 10-14 days to see the true results of Botox, however most clients will start to see it slowly kicking in after day 3-4 days.

Is there anyone preventative Botox is not recommended for?

Botox is able to be used on a wide range of patients and it is really only clients who have been informed that they are not medically suited or clients who have no lines/minimal movement that we wouldn’t recommend the treatment to. It is always best to have an initial consultation with an injector and consultations at bo. are free and there are no obligations.

How many units are normally required?

Each area is different so it’s tricky to say. The dose varies between clients and the area we are treating. I like to keep my doses light which means we can build on the dose and make any little ‘tweaks’ at the two week follow up appointment if needed. Nothing is worse than a face that can’t move!

How long does it last and what happens when it wears off?

It will wear off gradually over the course of 2-4 months. The lighter the dose the quicker it will wear off, the heavier the dose the longer it will last. It’s about finding that perfect balance. Once it has worn off everything will slowly go back to normal. If you decide it’s not for you, it won’t make anything worse and you won’t have to get it again. Typically, we say you will be due for another treatment in 3-4 months.

Does it hurt?

There’s a tiny sting but overall, it’s relatively pain free! The injecting side of the appointment is typically over within a few minutes.

Will anyone be able to tell that I have had Botox?

It is very rare for someone to be able to notice that you have had Botox (unless they already knew you were getting it!). If we keep the dose light you will still have some movement which is what keeps it looking nice and natural. People will likely just comment that your skin looks good, or that you look really refreshed.

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