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Cure Natural Aqua Gel- The Japanese Exfoliator You Need To Know About

Cure Natural Aqua Gel, Japan’s #1 selling exfoliator is now available in New Zealand.
Dubbed “a facial in a bottle” and “the holy-grail” by leading channels such as InStyle, Glamour and Refinery29, there is a reason why this skincare must have is sold every 4.5 seconds.
Here at The Beauty Book we decided to investigate to see what all the fuss is about.
What is Cure Natural Aqua Gel and where is it made?
Cure is exclusively made in Japan and uses a unique 91% activated hydrogen water formula to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells. Unlike traditional chemical exfoliators which use strong acids such as AHA’s or BHA’s to dissolve the protein bonds between the skin cells, Cure’s active gel formula gently catches dead skin on the surface and removes it.
Who can use Cure Natural Aqua Gel?
Cure is safe to use on all skin types due to it’s unique gentle formula which contains no fragrance, colours or preservatives.
So what active ingredients are used?
This cult product uses;
  • 91% Activated Hydrogen Water which helps maximise the skin’s energy conversion rate (helps the skin metabolise and function better) and has anti-oxidant properties.
  • Aloe Leaf Extract which preserves moisture and improves skin’s resilience.
  • Gingko Leaf Extract which helps prevent blemishes and also helps the skin to retain moisture
  • Rosemary Leaf Extract which was anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
What can I expect to see?
When using Cure you will actually see and feel the dead skin cells as the formula gently catches and removes them from the surface of the skin. There is no need to scrub the skin, only gently massage while the gel formula works it’s magic.
The end result is instantly smoother and brighter skin, a more even looking complexion as well as a reduction in the appearance of pores and blackheads.
Using Cure will also result in other skincare products being absorbed better. This is because the 0.01 mm layer of dried/dead skin is removed allowing other skincare products to penetrate better and therefore work in the skin more effectively.
How often should I be using Cure Natural Aqua Gel?
Cure is best used 2 times a week.
Where in New Zealand is Cure available to try and buy?
Cure Natural Aqua Gel is available in selected Unichem and Life Pharmacies nationwide.
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