The Best Press-on Nails to Try at Home

by mera

By Mera Tabarruk

It’s no news that a fresh, chip-free nail set can completely lift our moods, personally when I have a chip on my nail it bothers me throughout the entire day up until I can finally make time to visit the nail salon. This is where press-on nails come in handy –  no longer do you need to take time out of your busy schedules to make an appointment when you can have a fun DIY nail session at the comfort of your own home.

Despite saving me a whole lotta time (transport to and from the salon, only being able to get my nails done during lunch breaks, or wasting an afternoon during the weekend…) it also helps maintain the health of nails as you’re not having to deal with any UV light ray machines or chemicals from gels, powders, etc.

Queue my two favourite press-on nail brands Ardell and Teddy Lane.

Ardell’s nail addict ranges from various nail shapes you can choose from like almond, square-oval and coffin. To spice up your nail look Ardell nails also feature rhinestones, chrome and embellishments in matte and high shine finishes. These new sets were designed by professional nail artists to give you a perfect, unique manicure.

RRP $21.99

Each kit contains 24 nails so you can customise and ensure there’s a size that fits you best. The sets also come with nail glue, file, and a cuticle stick for expert-level application.


Another press-on nail brand I’m loving at the moment is Teddy Lane. Alike Ardell, these fun nail kits come in various styles and shapes. Choose from collections like French, Glamour, Chrome and more.

RRP $22.99

The sets also come in 24 shapes to suit your nail bed best and if you need to, file down the sides to perfect the shape.

Try out these fun press-on nails for yourself and enjoy a quick, gorgeous mani.

Ardell nails and Teddy Lane are available both online and at leading pharmacies.

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