Teddy Lane Fashion Nail Review

by Amanda


If you love getting your nails done every fortnight like me, but don’t always have time for the salon, then listen up ladies. Queue the introduction of New Zealand brand Teddy Lane press-on nails. From subtle French manicures to intricate designs, Teddy Lane offers the ultimate effortless manicure.

Sometimes it’s difficult to ensure you have enough time to always look on-point, and let’s be real here, none of us enjoy a chipped nail. With these press-on’s you’re able to switch up your look, whenever you like, from the comfort of your home. And for some of us, gel and acrylic manicures may damage your nails, however, Teddy Lane offers a more non-damaging approach.

So, what’s inside Teddy Lane’s nail kit?

The kit comes with a file, a non-damaging glue, and instructions. Each kit includes 24 reusable nails in 12 sizes so you can choose the perfect fit. The nails aim to last 10 days or more, but from experience, the more glue you apply, the longer they wear!

I chose the gorgeous ‘Marseilles’ set from the French Collection, perfect for an everyday look. Retailing for just $22.99 – wow! With most manicure’s costing around $50 to $100, this is totally a deal. It took me less than 20 minutes to prep my nails, apply the falsies, and I was good to go!

Teddy Lane Marseilles set

How to apply

Make sure your nails are clean and dry with no leftover nail polish residue. An important tip is to use nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to prepare a clean and fresh base.

Select the correct size that fits your natural nail bed, if you need some adjustments, go ahead and file the sides.

Now, time for the fun part! Spread the glue across the nails and make sure you’re generous. Remember, the more glue, the longer they last. Hold the Teddy Lane nail on your nail bed for around 15-20 seconds, and voila! 


Here are just a few of our favourite Teddy Lane nail sets


Teddy Lane French Affair

‘French Affair’ – Naturals Collection.


Teddy Lane St Tropez

‘St Tropez’ – French Collection.



‘Madison’ – Classic Collection.


The final verdict

So the next time you feel that your nails are getting too brittle, grab yourself a set of Teddy Lane press-on kits and you can save yourself time, money, and get your nails looking pretty. Not only do press-on’s ensure that your nails remain healthy underneath, but the best part is also that you’re able to choose from any design you like. It’s a win-win for me.

Words: Mera Tabarruk
Images: Supplied

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