Tailor Skincare Reveals New Ambassador

by mera

By Mera Tabarruk

Tailor Skincare, New Zealand’s award-winning natural skincare company has spent the last month on the hunt for its next ‘Face of Tailor’ across New Zealand and Australia; someone who is a genuine and self-confident ambassador that can help spread the word of what true beauty really is.

Meet the winner of Tailor Skincare ambassador, Danielle Cavanagh. Danielle is from Christchurch, a proud mother to Jaina and Jasper, and a strong and well-spoken advocate for self-care, mental health and endometriosis awareness.

The judges selected Danielle for her genuine attitude and compelling storytelling ability, knowing that by giving her a platform she would have open conversations that change lives for the better.

“To us, beauty is about health, self-confidence, self-love and just being an all-round good human,” says Sara Corleison (nee Quilter), Founder and CEO of Wellington-based Tailor Skincare. “All Tailor’s products are vegan, cruelty-free, are made using all-natural ingredients chosen for their gentle yet effective properties, and all come in environmentally conscious packaging. So, we were looking for an individual that truly embodies our values of caring for yourself, other people, animals and the environment.”

“We’ve been following Danielle’s journey for some time now and were thrilled when we saw she applied to our ambassador search,” says Sara Corleison. “In addition to being the clear fan favourite, the judging panel’s decision was unanimous in supporting Danielle as the next Face of Tailor. We believe that Danielle’s story of motherhood, self-acceptance and her journey with stage four endometriosis is relatable for so many women, and she genuinely cares about how others see themselves.”

Reacting to being announced as the Face of Tailor, Danielle was moved to tears. “Being picked was such a shock, I can’t describe this feeling! I entered because not only do I absolutely love Tailor, I also wanted to do something out of my normal comfort zone. Raising two young kids has taught me to live my life without creating unnecessary boundaries for myself that are fear-based, and when I heard about the search I knew I had to set a good example and give it a go.”

“I am so excited to help share the Tailor way of loving every part of yourself unconditionally, I love that they are supporting everyone to be their most authentic self and shifting the narrative around beauty to be about your self-care, self-confidence, and self-love. Beauty to me is caring for yourself and valuing the way you feel about yourself, rather than what anyone else might think. It’s about letting your inner light shine through, because that’s exactly where your beauty comes from.”

As the next Face of Tailor, Tailor Skincare will offer Danielle their platform to share her story of self-love and self-confidence across Tailor’s social media and blog to help inspire people across the Tasman. Danielle will  receive a wellness package valued at over $5,000, as well as the opportunity to gift a further $5,000 worth of Tailor Skincare products to a charity of her choice.

“I chose Endometriosis New Zealand as my charity because they became such a valuable resource to me in advocating for myself and educating myself through my endometriosis journey,” says Danielle.


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