Spring Skincare Update

by mera

By Helene Ravlich

Whether you’re going into winter or summer, a change in season can wreak havoc on your skin. However, it’s also the perfect time to assess your current regime along with heal what’s amiss, so you can put your best face forward in the coming months. With spring having officially sprung in Aotearoa, here are a few of our favourite ways to freshen up your skin and your routine well in time for summer…

Make friends with a clean sunblock

Whenever we’ve quizzed beauty experts – be they dermatologists, makeup artists or cosmetic surgeons – for their pick when it comes to anti-ageing skincare, they all agree that the most important thing you can do to keep your skin looking good well into old age is wear a sunscreen. Daily. No arguments, no forgetting on a cloudy day. Add to that the fact that an estimated 90 per cent of all melanomas in Australasia are caused by direct sunlight, making daily sunscreen use an absolute no brainer. Most sunscreens last twelve months max after being opened too, so if you’re still got some sitting around in your beach bag or glove box from this time last year then chuck it – ASAP! One formula we can’t get enough of is La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Invisible Fluid SPF50+, a lightweight facial sunscreen that provides very high UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection and is great for even the most sensitive skin.

RRP $29.99

Lighten up when it comes to moisturiser

And no, by that we don’t mean skip one altogether! This is all about finding a lighter formula than what you may have been using during the cooler months, especially if your skin is on the oily side and your surroundings high on humidity. Tailor Skincare Moisture is a great option as it takes the form of a lightweight and non-greasy lotion. Formulated with pure plant nutrients to nourish and protect skin, it provides 24-hour hydration without clogging pores and contains plant oils that form an invisible barrier to protect and lock in moisture without letting things get too shiny.

RRP $59.00

If you’re looking for a formula that is a little more on the high performance side, Emma Lewisham Brighten Your Day Crème is engineered for unparalleled results, with formidable brightening properties that illuminate, hydrate and plump the skin’s complexion. It’s also uniquely scientifically-proven to boost Type I collagen production synthesis at a cellular level, and leaves the skin with a glow like no other.

RRP $110.00

Tone up

Nothing feels better than a spritz of cooling mist or swipe of toner straight from the fridge on a hot summer’s day, and many deliver multiple benefits. Essentially, toners clean your skin and prepare it for moisturisation, whereas face mists instantly and effortlessly freshen you up at any time of the day, but some formulas take care of both elements as they put the spring back in your step. One of our top picks is MV Skintherapy Rose Hydrating Mist. More than just an indulgence for the senses, the skin-loving mist infused with Australian native Quandong, enhances hydration and provides welcome relief for unsettled complexions. Each bottle contains thousands of precious petals – picked only at dawn – from the exquisite Bulgarian Damask Rose.

RRP $40.00

Spring clean your skincare shelf

Ah, we all have those products. The ones at the back of the shelf collecting dust – and growing bacteria! We so often forget to spring clean our bathroom and sometimes these products can be well beyond their best before dates, which can cause skin irritation and worse. It’s also a great time to give your makeup brushes a good deep clean, and you don’t need a fancy brush cleaner to do so. Use a little gentle shampoo or body wash to lather them up, then rinse and allow to dry flat. Trust us, your skin will thank you for it!

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