Spring Clean Your Beauty Tools

by Georgia

Ever felt like your styler just wasn’t cutting the mustard? Something has changed, the honeymoon phase is officially OVER. Your locks don’t feel as bouncy – this just isn’t working any more.

Well before you start searching for the warranty, convinced it’s them and not you, it might be time to spring clean your beauty tools – and here’s house to do it, with top tips from Steve Elstein, Vice President of product development and research at ghd.

Your locks could be destroyed by product build-up, which causes dangerous bacteria if you don’t wash your straighteners every THREE months.

“Ceramic plates of straighteners can harbour grime if not properly cleaned. Hairspray, oils and other heavy products can build up not only on your hair but on your tools too, on top of oils that are created from your own scalp with can damage your locks if the device is not regularly cleaned.”

ghd’s top advice is to start with your styler turned off and unplugged. Using nail varnish remover on organic cotton wool, wipe down the styler plates and body – making sure you really get into each groove. The cotton wool should be damp but not dripping. You may need to rub hard in certain spots depending upon how dirty your styler is.

ghd straightener

Allow to dry for a couple of hours before plugging in and using, making sure you only do so when both the plates and body of your styler are completely dry.

“You should never use water or water-based cleaners to clean your styler – this is a dangerous practice. Also, we wouldn’t recommend wipes unless they are organic and biodegradable since they typically contain plastic,” says Steve.

And it doesn’t just stop with your tools. The same concept applies to your brushes, which should be regularly cleaned to prevent profit and oils being transferred back onto your locks. We have all been a little guilty of jumping the gun in this relationship, but a little extra care and your tools will go a long way.

Words: Georgia Rose , ghd NZ                                                                                                                                        Images: ghd New Zealand 

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