Skincare Powerhouse: Emma Lewisham’s New Release

by Georgia

The last week of July has brought the kiwi skincare world a lot of joy. Two years in the making, Emma Lewisham has launched her newest, and long awaited range, Super Natural. The ethos of the brand is “that woman’s shouldn’t have to choose between safe skincare and performance” as she explained to me, she too found it hard to track down effective skincare in the natural space. Emma Lewisham is a pioneer in the New Zealand skincare market, championing green-tech innovation throughout her skincare, and Super Natural is no different. It’s no surprise that both new products are clinically proven to provide results. Emma noted, “it was important to me that we could see results, with both key ingredients having undergone testing.”

From two years of research and development, Emma brings a new offering, one that many of us skincare lovers were calling out for – we see you in the comments! Meet: the Supernatural 72-hour Hydration Crème and the Supernatural Triple Retinol A+ Face oil.

The innovative and luxurious 72-Hour Hydration Crème contains 30 high-performance natural actives to deeply hydrate the skin, Emma tells us “More is more, as long as the ingredients are natural” and in this case we couldn’t agree more. Emma Lewisham leads the way, as she includes he innovative green-tech ingredient, Pentavitin. The next generation of skincare about to take the world by storm, pentavitin has a smaller molecular size that hyaluronic acid, meaning it can increase the skins hydration by over 30%.

The second high-powered bottle Emma Lewisham is adding to our shelf, the Triple Retinol A+ Face Oil. Once again, green-tech innovation is at the forefront of this soon to be cult product. Bakuchiol is a 100% natural vitamin A derivative skincare superhero, taking the beauty industry by storm. The ingredient is backed by science, proving to be as efficacious as synthetic forms of retinol. Plumping the skin pithing the negative chemical impacts.

Redefining the beauty industry is no easy feat, but through Emma’s pursuit she has proved luxury skincare doesn’t have to come at a compromise to both the environment or our health – and thats something we can get behind.

The 72-Hour Hydration Crème and Triple Retinol A+ Face Oil are now available through and selected stockists.

words: Georgia Rose                                                                                                                                             Images: Supplied

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