A Decade Of Doing Good – Savar Celebrating 10 Years of Beauty

by Georgia

Celebrating 10 years in business is an incredible achievement in any industry, but for the visionary founder of natural beauty brand Sávar, it’s a milestone that brings with it not only immense pride but the promise of opportunity for future growth on a global scale, too. 

Vicky Woolford was working as an artist when she began experiencing skin sensitivity issues due to the chemicals she was exposed to on a daily basis. Her creative mind led her down the path of formulating her own line of natural beauty products, and with that, Sávar was born.  

Suitable for all skin and hair types including delicate and sensitive, these New Zealand-made products harness the power of nature to restore, repair and replenish hair and skin safely and effectively. The purity and unspoiled landscapes of Aotearoa offer the ideal environment from which to develop this unique range of naturally derived products. New Zealand plant extracts and oils such as blackcurrant, primrose, lemon balm, marshmallow and avocado – all known for their powerful antioxidant and anti-ageing properties – are at the heart of the efficacious range. 

Entrenched in Savar’s mission statement is the belief that respect for nature can inform every aspect of our lives, granting us in return access to a world of beauty, regeneration, and enhanced quality of life. Simplicity, peace in the simple and pristine, a sense of mindfulness and caring for safe are all embodied in the brand’s values, as Savar’s complete skincare range promotes the return to proven, time-honoured rituals in caring for one’s skin the natural way.

Hero products include the Luxury Face Wash, formulated with Manuka honey, organic cucumber and lemon fruit; the Rosehip Ultra Brightening Serum, enriched with locally grown blackcurrant seed oil and kiwifruit as well as antioxidant-rich Rosehip; and the Safe & Gentle Fem Wash, infused with cranberry, rosehip and soothing calendula.  

Sávar’s beautifully fragranced formulations are all made to exacting standards in New Zealand in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified laboratories. The result is a decadent brand that prides itself on safety and quality.

While Sávar has made a name for itself amongst the plethora of natural beauty brands here in New Zealand, an incredible business achievement will soon enable this homegrown company to make its mark on the world stage. Earlier this year, Sávar joined the likes of global beauty businesses Napoleon Perdis, Minenssey and Thalissi under global brand management company Access Corporate Group’s umbrella of brands. This means huge potential for further growth into the Asian, European and US markets in the years to come. 

A decade on, Savar is continuing its journey to grow as a New Zealand brand, bringing the brand’s heritage forward to evolve into an offer that celebrates human qualities and returns to the essence of life.


This article was brought to you by Savar. Originally published in The Beauty Book’s Celebration Edition. 

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