Reviewing Organic Riot Skincare

by mera

By Laura Nye

Organic Riot is attentive, contemporary and iconic. Shooting its way into skincare stardom whilst saving over 80,000 litres of water in three months and preventing 3600 pounds of emitted greenhouse gas. Organic Riot Skincare is the right choice, a movement and winners of ‘Sustainability Icon Brand of the Year’ during the Vogue Beauty Awards 2020.

I’ve previously avoided serums due to my oily prone skin, so naturally, I was a little wary when three serums arrived at my door. I thought I’d ease into these serums and start off with ‘Revitaleyes’ – A de-puffing, fast-absorbing, caffeine fuelled under-eye serum! Despite my avoidance of serums, I do know that the skin around our eyes is extremely delicate. Revitaleyes soft and balmy consistency is impeccable – the texture assures that this fine area of our face is in very safe hands. I wake up each morning greeted with lighter under eyes from the day before.

The next serum is ‘Halo’, the brightening overnight serum. When paired with the Revitaleyes’ is a match made in heaven. Halo feels nourishing to the skin, a silky morning feel which is quick to leave once washed off – ready for ‘Dazzle’ the day serum.

The final serum I’m yet to try proves that Organic Riot provides the ultimate triple-threat package with these three products. ‘Dazzle’ is the anti-pigmentation serum, a daytime serum that was the one I was most hesitant in using, especially as it states that it’ll make you “shine” with an even skin tone. However, it was very welcomed that the serum did not make my skin shine at all! In fact after just one use of the product, my skin was left feeling like a silky smooth layer of velvet.

The New Zealand made product indulges us in Kiwi seed oil to increase the brightness of our skin and prevents forming fine lines. The perfect product for those who are out of our teens and into young adult hood – Organic Riot is for you!

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