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By: Amanda Basher

Resolution Retreats is an award-winning women’s health and wellness retreat located in Karapiro, just 30 kilometres South-East of Hamilton. In 2020, the property celebrated a major milestone, winning New Zealand’s Best Wellness Retreat at the World Spa Awards.

The retreat is set on a serene 35ha property with state-of-the-art facilities and comes with a passionate team who ensure every woman who comes through their doors is cared for and leaves feeling like they have been able to reset.

Understanding, Support and Encouragement are the three pillars that founder and owner, Joelene Ranby and her team operate by, and this is evident in the welcoming environment they have created.

The Beauty Book’s publisher, Amanda Basher recently visited Resolution Retreats for a four-day programme and shares her experience.

Burn out is a phrase I hear all too often, especially with women, and something I recently experienced myself. It is a difficult place to be in and even more difficult to get out of, so when the opportunity came to visit Resolution Retreats, I realised I needed the support. However, little did I know how life changing the time away would really be, and how one of the main points taught of “Progress Not Perfection” would become my new mantra.

From the moment you arrive at the pristine property, you can’t help but relax as the quiet countryside and fresh air envelops you.



The single or twin share chalet that becomes your home for the duration of your stay is beautifully set up, with a lounge, kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom (including a spa bath) and walk-in wardrobe. Had there not been so many fabulous activities planned, the accommodation alone would make for a fantastic vacation.




Each day is carefully planned and begins with a morning exercise session. One of my biggest learnings from the retreat was the importance of getting your heartrate up in the morning. In true “Progress Not Perfection” style, Joelene shared a four-minute workout that can be completed in the comfort of your own home, no matter how time poor you are. I have proudly dedicated four minutes to this workout almost every morning since, and have started my days with noticeably more energy.

Following a delicious and well-balanced breakfast, the rest of the morning would be spent at a workshop. These workshops covered topics such as nutrition, mental wellbeing and meal planning, and all provided functional and easy to implement steps and tools.

After lunch, a yoga and meditation session is followed by free time to be spent at your leisure, with various options that included the spa, heated pool, sauna or exploring the grounds and tennis court.

Each evening before dinner there would be a cooking demonstration, and guests were thrilled to learn that all recipes would be provided post-retreat so the delicious meals could be replicated at home. The recipes were surprisingly easy, which is very useful for someone like me who relies a little too much on Uber Eats and doesn’t normally eat a well-balanced meal. Healthy, regular meals and drinking plenty of water (a minimum of two litres a day) was a key part of Resolution Retreats and after the second day, I noticed I was a lot less fatigued than normal.


Upon reflecting at the end of the retreat, I was surprised at how many functional tools I took away with me and have actually implemented, even when reality kicked back in. I believe this is due to the fact that Joelene and her team embraces “Progress Not Perfection” in everything they do, helping you create small incremental changes in your life that will ultimately have the biggest impact overall.


For anyone who is feeling stuck, burned out, struggling with diet, energy levels or all of the above, I highly recommend you take the time and visit Resolution Retreats. I will most certainly be back.

Resolution Retreats offers all-inclusive three, four, seven, 10, 14 and 21-day programmes starting from $990 for a 3-day retreat in a twin-share chalet.

To find out more about Resolution Retreats or to book a visit, head to

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