Raising The Bar

by Sophie

Meet the brand that’s literally changing the face of beauty in New Zealand with its revolutionary skincare results.

Homegrown luxury beauty brand Rayna Skincare is harnessing the power of newly discovered skin cell technology to improve skin appearance and health – one magical bottle of oil at a time. 

Founded by former New Zealand television personality Eva Evguenieva, who became famous for her role as roving reporter Eva the Bulgarian on SportsCafe, the Kiwi company is committed to pioneering next-generation skincare with no hidden nasties or toxic chemicals. 

The key active ingredient, SWT-7™, was discovered by scientists while working on creating a new epidermis to treat severely burned patients. Derived from the traditional medicinal Ayurvedic Himalayan herb Swerta Chirata, famous for its wound-healing properties, this self-regenerative stem cell technology was shown to stimulate growth factor production and epidermis regeneration which resulted in improving the overall appearance and health of the skin. 

It’s a cocktail of very special ingredients that have made Rayna’s Stem Cell and Lipid Active Oil the little pottle of gold that it is. The inclusion of a patented blend of botanically sourced lipids, known as L22, is responsible for mimicking the skin’s natural oils, restoring the natural barrier of the skin and creating a more radiant complexion. This, alongside granactive retinol – arguably the most bioavailable and low irritating non-prescription form of Vitamin A – has meant issues such as UV damage, acne and premature ageing are also able to be targeted safely and effectively. 

It was after suffering from skin problems following the birth of her two daughters, now 11 and 13, that Eva was compelled to start looking into triggers for acne and dermatitis, and from her research, Rayna’s Stem Cell and Lipid Active Oil was born. 

“ I did my Masters in Investigative Journalism and I loved researching so I started looking at what worked and what was backed by science,” Evguenieva says. “I wanted to create something that is results-based medical-grade, anti-ageing yet naturally derived and suitable for people with problematic skin”

The never-before-seen results from using the oil were enough to prompt fellow Auckland mum Natasha McLeod to join Eva in the business, and now not only are they helping women and men to turn back the clock on their skin, but they’re using the success of Rayna to provide much needed support to women’s charities around the country, too.  

They have partnered with Look Good Feel Better, the Tania Dalton Foundation and more recently, Women’s Refuge to provide financial support so that Kiwi women and girls can thrive. “We both agreed that right from the start Rayna Skincare would give back,” says Natasha.

Even the name of the company is about strong women and girl power. “Rayna was a Bulgarian revolutionary, she was an amazing and powerful woman who made a flag for the uprising against Ottoman rule,” explains Eva.

And while the name may be inspired by a formidable Bulgarian powerhouse, Eva and Natasha’s commitment to creating and producing everything from the bottles to the packaging right here in Aotearoa proves that Rayna is a true blue New Zealand brand with Kiwi at its core. After the success of the initial product, the company is in the process of expending the range with more new products constantly in development. All science-based and using the correct percentage of active ingredients shown in studies to create positive changes in the skin.

The Rayna Stem Cell and Lipid Active Oil is available to order online at
rayna.co.nz and from selected retailers for $165. 

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