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by mera

By Mera Tabarruk

Meet Smitee, a New Zealand Registered Nurse (NZRN) who runs an appearance medicine clinic in Wellington. With an aim to help patients and clients look and feel their best by rejuvenating their skin; Smitee’s focus is to improve the unwanted changes in the skin and face that have occurred with ageing and environmental stressors.

Smitee’s experience over the last twenty years in aesthetics has allowed her to provide a ‘total face’ service, assessing skin quality and kick-starting repair along with subtle enhancements, softening lines and replacing volume with injectable treatments. She brings out the best in the faces she works with and does this with care, honesty, precision and patience.

Being an audited member of Cosmetic Appearance Nurses Network (CANN) means that nurses follow the highest standards in cosmetic injectables and strive to make the aesthetic industry in New Zealand safer for everyone. To be a member, accredited nurses must have the highest levels of education, safety standards and undergo auditing; this ensures the best outcomes and a safer treatment for patients.

While it is commonly seen in the media the concerning trend of overdone facial procedures, patients must be educated and spoken to about the risk factors over-injecting may cause. The selection of dermal filler with the right rheological properties is a key factor in achieving natural looking results and long lasting desired aesthetic outcomes.

“My approach to appearance medicine is to keep facial features natural, so the enhancement and replacement of volume blends with your look and suits your face. I have found with injectables, minimal amounts of product, Botox® & dermal filler carefully and strategically injected on the face, can be glamourising, hydrating and give an overall refreshed appearance.”

If you’re interested in booking an appointment with Smitee, check out the contact information below and enjoy beautiful results!

[email protected]

Smitee Ranchhod
Registered Nurse
Audited Member of CANN





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