Q&A with Melissa Gladding, Founder of FaceTime Skin Clinic

by Sophie

Finding the time to book in for a facial can be challenging enough, let alone deciding what therapist to go to. Therefore, once you find a great one you hang on tight! Here at The Beauty Book we have taken the guesswork out and sat down with Melissa Gladding, Founding owner of FaceTime Skin Clinic in Mairangi Bay, Auckland.  We chat about skin, treatment trends, and why she chose to work with DMK Skincare.

Tell us about your journey as a skin therapist so far. 

I started my journey when I was 18, and I must say the industry was very different back then. The idea of a facial was to apply some cream to create a luxurious experience but not necessarily focusing on creating lasting results. As I had a specific interest in skin, I really wanted to do more with the skin and therefore set out early to specialise in this field. I wanted to be able to combine therapies, e.g. skin treatments, internal wellness and technologies to create significant long-term results for my clients. As a result, all of my specialist training over the years has been focused on this. Specialist training is important to us at FaceTime Skin Clinic, and we are proud to have our own training facility where the team is constantly upskilled by leading experts across skin, technologies, woman’s health etc. This ensures we are on top of the latest advancements at all times, and this is one of our points of difference at FaceTime Skin Clinic.

Why did you choose to work with DMK Skincare and what has the feedback been like from your clients?

About five years ago, I was introduced to the range so it had been on my radar for a while and it wasn’t until being reintroduced a few years ago that I decided to trial the range for a month and saw amazing results just from the homecare alone. In addition to incredible results, the training provided was and still is, phenomenal, and this aligned with the values we have at FaceTime Skin Clinic. The biggest changes that we have seen in our clients are healthy skins, as DMK Skincare works by building the integrity of the skin from the inside out to create improved functions within the skin, teaching it to behave like younger skin.

What is your personal must-have DMK Skincare product?

That is a tough question but it would have to be the EFA+ Supplements, $75. It is a top seller of ours and works on every cell of the body!

Is there a ‘must-try’ treatment within FaceTime Skin Clinic that we should know about?

Since launching The Immortal, it has quickly become one of our most popular treatments; and it is exclusive to us. I spent years researching and creating this skin treatment; it combines light therapy, collagen induction therapy, enzyme therapy and transdermal infusions to create a complete skin overhaul.

As a skin expert, what trends or treatments do you see arising in the near future?

Definitely Collagen Induction Therapy, such as micro-needling due to the various benefits and amazing results it can have on the skin. This treatment works on all skin types treating multiple skin concerns and works just as well as a corrective as it does a preventative. As a result, I believe Collagen Induction Therapy will start to become even more popular with younger clients who are searching for that tighter, collagen-rich skin.

FaceTime Skin Clinic


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