Prepping for Winter with Swanndri

by mera

By Mera Tabarruk

Now that the days are slowly getting shorter and colder, this is the perfect time to start preparing your closet for the upcoming chilly season. If you’re an outdoorsy winter explorer then Swanndri has got you covered! (Literally). Queue one of New Zealand’s oldest apparel brands – Swanndri.

Today, Swanndri has officially launched its Autumn Winter 2022 collection that presents a deep dive into the fabric archive with new wool and merino blends with heritage print designs that resemble mother nature’s colour palette. They’ve blended New Zealand grown wool with the finest merino fibres to produce durable, soft outerwear that will last for generations to come.

They’ve considered every detail of fit and styling to ensure that natural fibres work in harmony to protect you from harsh weathers; from the one piece water shedding shoulder of the Evans Flat jacket to the hand warming chest pockets of the soft merino Carisbrook Jacket, you’ve got a wonder of collection to choose from.

Swanndri’s Backstory

Founded in 1913 by Yorkshire tailor, William Broome noticed how water would bear off a Swan’s feathers and the Swan would stay dry. Broome also recognised that the local farmers needed higher quality clothing to keep them dry and warm outside. This led him to develop a secret formula that, when applied to wool, would render it water resistant. The first item created ‘Original’ lace front bush shirt, underwent a few tweaks in 1927 however has remained unchanged ever since, remaining their best seller to this day. 


Swanndri has used ZQ certified wool for many years however now, they’re taking the next step in their journey with ZQ by stepping up to ZQRX – the new gold standard in wool production that is also the most ethical wool in the world!

Wool and merino are at the heart of this collection with over 90% of the AW22 range being natural fibres.

If you want to shop Swanndri, check out the link below.

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