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by mera

Elevate your daily self-care routine. Soochi is flipping the script on the one-dimensional standard of beauty.

Soochi, derived from the Latin word ‘Suci’ means juice – commonly known as the nectar of life. 

Contrary to what modern society has been telling us, Soochi is flipping the script on the one-dimensional standard of beauty. We want you to forget anti-ageing, and think healthy-ageing. Soochi is all about a new attitude of prejuvenation – a cross between rejuvenation and prevention to help you radiate wellness from within.

Soochi is elevating daily self-care with Prejuvenation Beverages™. An intelligent, supercharged formulation that boosts brightness to unlock glowing skin and a healthy gut.

A beautifully curated berry spritz, infused with VERISOL® Collagen + Elastin + Hyaluronic Acid + Prebiotics + Reishi + Vitamin C to enhance cellular protection from free radical damage, healthier digestion, increased skin plumpness, skin elasticity and noticeably smoother skin. 

Due to the clutter in the beauty and wellness industry, consumers have found the entire process very high-maintenance and time consuming. That’s why this ready-to-drink beverage was created requiring no product integration for ease of consumption (vs. supplements & powders). Soochi is high in efficacy with an ingredients-first approach to formulations. 

Being an all-female founded company on a shared mission to elevate your daily self-care routine, honouring authentic women who go against the grain and challenge the status quo.

Tina Chou, Founder & CEO of Soochi, said:

“I am a massive believer in prevention through functional eating and drinking. It’s something we do three times a day – so we’re technically not doing anything different – only taking a more conscious decision in making the better choice for our well-being. 

We’re also delighted to announce beauty and fashion icon Maddy Budd as the face of Soochi – she’s a personal friend from high school and having grown up with her, I know her beauty routine has always been super low-maintenance with a big focus on beauty from the inside-out. She really encapsulates what we are trying to achieve at Soochi.” 

Soochi is available online, Farro Fresh, Raeward Fresh, select FreshChoice and coming soon to New World.  

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