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By Helene Ravlich

Whether you’re in lockdown or not, you can’t beat a great podcast to add to the list and get stuck into. Here are five of our top picks from the beauty and wellbeing sphere that are informative, intriguing and just plain funny!

Fat Mascara Podcast

Fat Mascara

A riot of brilliantly unfiltered commentary mixed with a wide array of knowledge, Fat Mascara hosts Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein harness their expertise as beauty editors to discuss industry news, product releases and reviews, and innovative new procedures. Even better, each week they invite one of their esteemed and in-demand industry friends to share their tips and expertise, as well as valuable advice on how to find success in their respective fields. Past guests have included Glossier’s Emily Weiss, editorial hair legend Guido Palau, Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John, and skincare expert Dr. Barbara Sturm, to name but a few.

Goop Podcast

The goop Podcast

Whether you love her or hate her, Gwyneth Paltrow and her goop team love to carry out an impressive deep dive into all manner of subjects. They share some great content on goop’s eponymous podcast, which is hosted by founder GP herself along with chief content officer Elise Loehnen. A constant source of conversation around beauty, health, fitness, and mindfulness, the podcast pivoted to special episodes in response to the arrival of the pandemic, including a great interview with psychiatrist James Gordon, MD, author of The Transformation, about how to deal with prolonged stress.

Beauty Needs Me Podcast

Beauty Needs Me

Hosted by Taleah Griffin, a model, actress, and writer, and Dunni Odumosu, a former cosmetic chemist and now global biopharma professional, the Beauty Needs Me podcast features conversations about what beauty is, and how it’s defined across cultures and countries. The two have conversations with influencers, brand founders, and industry experts to understand what role beauty plays across colour lines, how beauty-lovers can be more informed consumers, and so much more. I love their honest conversations about beauty, skincare and self-care that cross colour and culture, and they always deliver next level recommendations.

The Beauty Brains

The Beauty Brains

This one is definitely for those that love to geek out on the average ingredient deck! Hosted by Perry Romanowski and Valerie George, two cosmetic scientists and formulators who have been working in the cosmetic industry for years, this podcast is filled with expert information and no beauty-jargon-filled BS. In each episode, the pair help explain cosmetic science in a way that’s not only interesting, but also easy to understand. From answering questions like “Is micellar water all it’s cracked up to be?” to “Does COVID-19 affect hair loss?,” this show is mostly definitely always a fun and informative listen.

Breaking Beauty Podcast

Breaking Beauty

If you’re going to delve into anyone’s beauty expertise, Breaking Beauty’s co-founders, Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins are a great place to start. Long-time beauty editors, the clever pair is here to tell you what’s good, uncovering the breakthrough people, products and moments in beauty.  Tune in to hear inspiring stories behind the most iconic, best-selling beauty products and how they came to be, straight from founders like Glossier’s Emily Weiss and Tata Harper. Plus, get insights and tips from the brilliant minds shaping today’s trends and ideas, from Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Makeup By Mario, to skincare guru Dr. Pimple Popper and hair pro Jen Atkin.

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