New Zealand’s sustainable period company launches the Hello Disc

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The Hello Cup has launched the world’s first menstrual disc with a looped removal tab. A design collaboration with US-based period product expert, Kim Rosas, the Hello Disc came to fruition after a successful Kickstarter campaign which saw the Hello Disc fully funded in six days.

“There’s been little innovation in the period care industry over the last 40 years. The Hello Disc changes that big time,” says Hello co-founder Robyn McLean.

The world-first, patent-pending double looped removal tab means the Hello DiscTM is easy and mess-free to remove. The tab is also specifically designed to make the disc more accessible for people who struggle to remove menstrual cups and tampons.

Rosas, who has had more than 10 million views on her engaging period education videos across Period Nirvana’s social media, said the collaboration was a dream come true.

“I’ve tested over 60 menstrual cups and discs. Almost all of them have claimed to be “game-changing” but the Hello Disc’s double-loop tab IS actually changing the game for menstruators. No buzzy marketing word here. It’s accessible and intuitive, comfortable design is going to blow people away. The design collaboration across two continents over Zoom during a pandemic was a challenge – but we did it!”

McLean said they had received messages from all over the world from people asking when the Hello DiscTM was launching.
“It’s actually crazy. Word is well and truly out about how amazing it is – largely thanks to Kim who has been pretty excited about seeing her vision come to life. Her followers trust her and she’s a go-to for people all over the world who are keen to ditch single-use period products but don’t know where to start.”

The Hello Cup was founded in New Zealand four years ago by McLean and her best friend, Mary Bond – a registered nurse.

“When we started we had no idea whether people would be willing to try something different but we knew that sustainable period products were not only better for the planet, but they were also better for the person using them.”

“We’d like to see more transparency for the consumer. Knowledge is power but for some reason we’re a bit gun shy about talking about periods and period products still.” McLean said while the Hello Disc had taken a long time to develop, it was vital that it was the best it possibly could be.

The Hello Disc is made of soft, medical-grade silicone, the Hello Disc and is hypoallergenic. It holds the equivalent of 5 tampons or pads and can be left in for 8 hours and is reusable for up to five years.

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