My Sunshine: Ethical, Vegan and Reef-Safe Suncare

by Sophie

As a red-head with fair skin, Sarah Studd is acutely aware of the damaging effects of the harsh New Zealand sun. With the launch of her vegan and cruelty-free brand, My Sunshine, she is paving the way for ethical, natural and locally made sunscreen that keeps the whole family safe, and our oceans and aquatic life too. We talk to Sarah about what went into formulating this Kiwi summer must-have. 

What was the catalyst for creating My Sunshine?

The outdoors is a big part of my life with summers spent at the beach and sailing the waters around New Zealand. After a challenging fertility experience, I started to lead a more natural and healthier lifestyle which involved the support of a nutritionist, naturopath and acupuncturist. I was encouraged to examine what I was putting into and onto my body and the one thing that really stood out to me was the lack of a quality natural sunscreen. I tested every brand I could get my hands on and soon realised that many were ridden with nasty chemicals and made with cheap ingredients. At the time, I was working with children and learnt that I wasn’t the only one looking for a healthier balanced lifestyle for myself and my family. I was dealing with distressed parents whose children suffered from skin allergies and like me, were concerned about what was being absorbed into their bodies by their sensitive skin. 

What is the philosophy behind My Sunshine?

My Sunshine’s ethos is centred around caring about the world we live in. Every day at My Sunshine, we aim to make the right choices for both our body and the environment. We are proud to offer a natural sunscreen that will protect you from the harsh New Zealand sun but also actively nourish your skin and repair any damage. My Sunshine meets the stringent Australia/New Zealand regulations for sunscreen and we ensure our range is completely reef safe too.

What makes My Sunshine stand out from other natural sunscreens on the market?

This New Zealand made formulation is zinc based and enriched with nature’s natural sunscreens; red raspberry seed oil and sea buckthorn oil. In addition, we include a cocktail of antioxidants from green tea, vitamin E and olive oil to fight cell-damaging free radicals and help repair the skin while aiding in the prevention of premature skin ageing and sunspots. We were one of only eight sunscreens to pass Consumer New Zealand’s secret testing for SPF and broad-spectrum claims and our formula is two hours water resistant.

What does being a New Zealand brand mean to you?

I’m a proud Kiwi so it means a lot. I want people to know that when they are using
My Sunshine, they are using a sunscreen that has been made and developed right here in New Zealand for our harsh conditions. We all know how strong the sun is in New Zealand and that we have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world so it’s important to me that people know they can trust My Sunshine to keep them and their family safe.

Any exciting upcoming launches you can share with us?

We’re currently working on developing some incredible new suncare products to add to our collection. We know that sunscreen is the most important step in any beauty routine, so our goal is to provide our consumer with options. It’s a long process as all My Sunshine products must feel incredible on your skin every single day, and, of course, be safe for you and the environment too.

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