Must-haves For Your Surgery Bag

by Georgia

Most surgeons supply their patents with an essential packing list for the day of your procedure; there are always little luxuries and top tips that can only come from fellow patients. We have collated a list of the top items, among other basics, to pack. Not everyone will require the same things, this will all depend on the type of procedure and personal preference.

ONE – Comfortable clothes

Depending on the type of surgery you are having, this will depend on where you’ll be wanting the most comfort. Exercise leggings, a comfortable singlet or t-shirt are perfect. If your surgery is in the stomach or chest area, opting for a cardigan over a sweater will allow you to stay warm without lifting your arms up and down. This also goes for pyjamas and tops; something with buttons for ease of dressing.

On the day of your surgery, wear clothes that will be easy to put on and take off with minimal effort.

TWO – Slippers

Are you heading in for an overnight stay? Cosy slippers for walking the ward or getting up to the bathroom will be a savour for cold feet. You could even go the extra mile and pack a dressing gown for extra comfort.

THREE – Toiletries

Although, an obvious choice, the simple additions of your core skincare, a hairbrush and a toothbrush can help to bring you back to a more human feeling after surgery. Makeup or baby wipes are the perfect addition for a quick refresh.

FOUR – Tech

Charging cables are number one must, specifically an extra-long charging cable that will reach from behind the bed – think 2m. Your phone, iPad or Kindle to keep you occupied during waiting times.

Extras or for an overnight stay

Pillow – if you are fond of your pillow, take it in to help with a better nights rest. It is also helpful to make the ride home as comfortable as possible. Extras such as a hot water bottle or blanket can also ease the pain during the trip home.

Snacks – Let’s be honest, hospital food hasn’t exactly been Michelin star. Pop some extra snacks in your bag in case you get peckish. Extra snacks will also help those with dietary requirements ensure they have something tasty.

Words: Georgia Rose                                                                                                                                                Images: Pinterest 

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