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By Amanda Basher

Keeping your exercise routine alive during lockdown can be as simple as taking a walk in the morning and evening, or as challenging as creating a whole new exercise programme from the amazing offerings online right now. Many are free and local, and allow you to choose exactly how hard – or gentle – you want to go on yourself.

Based on your go-to exercise style, we have rounded up some of our favourite at home workouts that are just a click away, and if you’re exercising in your local park? Make sure to still practice good social distancing, and please do NOT let your high fives connect!



Fu/nis EMS Training

Fu/nis is based in Auckland, with a branch in the CBD as well as the newly opened Takapuna studio. They specialise in EMS training that is designed to offer a full body workout with a PT in just 20 minutes. Their unique style of training is reportedly as effective as a 90-minute gym session and is designed for all fitness levels.

At 9am every morning the team at Fu/nis are offering a different workout. Simply head to their Instagram to join in @funis_ems_training

Studio Box

Studio Box offers boxing-inspired group fitness classes and is based in Newmarket in Auckland. Join Studio Box on Instagram @_studiobox for HITT classes that will get your heart rate going, with sessions regularly updated.

The next three will be held:

Friday 27th August at 8am
Monday 30th August at 8am
Tuesday 31st August at 8am


Urban Ashram

Headed by the inspirational Nikki Ralston of The Ralston Method fame, Urban Ashram is based in Ponsonby in Auckland and specialises in the practice of yoga. Urban Ashram are offering a 7-day FREE trial which provides access to over 200 classes that can be accessed and practiced at any time.


Centreline Pilates

Based in Mount Maunganui, Centreline Pilates offers a great collection of pre-recorded online classes which are able to be rented for 48 hours at any time. In addition, every Tuesday at 7am, teacher Maddie Lysaght presents one of these classes via Zoom. To learn more or to join, contact [email protected] or check out the existing library on the Centreline website.

Header image by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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