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By Helene Ravlich

We’re midway through 2021, and there has never been a better time to sit back, reflect and most importantly act, when it comes to the amount of waste we generate as human beings.

Yes, out there in the seas there are rugby fields’ worth of water bottles, milk cartons, plastic bags and takeout containers. But also: shampoo bottles, lipstick tubes, shadow palettes, powder compacts, lotion pumps, and fancy packaging that once held luscious creams that we hoped would be that elusive Miracle in a Jar.

Every year, over 80 billion plastic bottles are disposed of from just shampoo and conditioner alone. In fact, by the middle of this century — that’s not as far away as you think — the ocean may contain more plastic by weight than fish. Changes requires a little extra effort from us all, but a shift in routine isn’t as difficult as you would think – and there are innovators in the beauty industry helping us do just that.

The latest to come across my desk is Dust & Glow, whose key focus is water and minimising the use of it. We all know water is a commodity we take for granted, but when water shortages hit, we realise just how essential it is to our daily life.

As our climate changes, we need to do all we can to conserve water and what you put in your bathroom cupboard could be your first step toward a more sustainable future. More than 785 million people struggle to find clean water, the most fundamental element of life, and Dust & Glow is committed to protecting this natural resource in a very unique way.

Traditional beauty cleansing products contain 80-95 per cent water and we often have to add more water when using them. In addition, water is commonly being used as a ” cheap filler” in most beauty products. This means the active ingredients are diluted, and since water can easily grow bacteria, there is a need to add chemical preservatives, which are known irritants and carcinogens.

But what if there was a product that removed the water from its formulation, allowing you to add it yourself from the tap? This is where Dust & Glow comes in, offering an ever-growing collection of waterless, powder-based, high performing products. By removing the water, plastic waste and nonsense, the company has delivered sensorial formulations for a healthy glow and a happy planet.

A change that will help reduce climate change and the environmental impact associated with an industry that relies so heavily on the commodity. The result is clean, vegan, potent formulas, packaged without single-use plastic and activated by the water in your shower.

Dust & Glow founder, Gaelle Thieme says, “By completely removing the water from our formulas, we’ve also removed the need for chemical preservatives (water attracts bacteria) – creating cutting edge formulas that are ultra-clean, 100 per cent naturally derived and leave your hair and skin happy and healthy.”

The Dust & Glow range includes two facial cleansers, shampoo, and body wash, all in powder form. Add a ¼ to ½ teaspoon of dust to damp hands, add water, rub it in to form a lather, massage into face, hair or body, then rinse. Each bottle contains approximately 60 washes and is the equivalent of three bottles of liquid products due to its super-concentrated and potent formulas. Each product also comes packaged within aluminium bottles, designed to be kept and refilled with home compostable refills. Switching to Dust and Glow products will save on average, three litres of water per bottle.

The company is committed to transparency and minimalism and all formulations are fragrance-free and unscented. The subtle smell of the products comes from the natural ingredients that are in the formulations (think coconut, ginger or blackcurrant). Even the label has been carefully considered, made from limestone which doesn’t use any water in the production process and made right here in New Zealand.

Last but by no means least: with every purchase, Dust & Glow donates one per cent of gross sales to help bring access to people in need with Charity: water, a non-profit organisation bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries..

Dust & Glow is available now from with prices starting from $29.99.



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