Meet New Wellness and Beauty Brand; Sensori+

by Georgia

The Australian Wellness & Beauty Brand that sold out in 15 minutes is now available in NZ!

Sensori+ is the latest wellness brand that you will want to know about. After creating a buzz on social media, the product range sold out in just 15min when it first launched!

So, who are Sensori+ and why the hype? Sensori+, are a new and disruptive wellness brand owned and made in Australia. The specific product range that caused all the hype was the revolutionary Air Detoxifying Mists. These beautiful room mists actually heal the air we breathe. The ground-breaking innovation is an exclusive green technology called ChlorosPURE®. Designed to purify contaminated air, the ChlorosPURE® technology is an all-natural plant extracted compound that eradicates air toxins and neutralises malodours on a molecular level. The process is called a Radox reaction.

As adult humans we spend an average of 20hrs indoor every day and breathe in 8 litres of air per minute! Unfortunately, due to the deterioration in the health of our planet, the air we breathe is now a concern as it is filled with toxins, microbes and synthetic chemicals.

When the Sensori+ Air Detoxifying Mist is sprayed in a space, in a matter of seconds the formula will neutralise air toxins, eliminate unpleasant odours and even kill harmful bacteria. Featuring divine natural fragrances crafted from unique scent blends evocative of Australia’s most iconic natural environments, the gentle formula is safe and thus suitable to use around babies, people sensitive to scent and pets. Sensori+ is a new kind of wellness brand combining nature and science inspired by Australian sanctuaries.

So, who created this technology? The Sensori+ Air Detoxifying Mist’s base formula, ChlorosPURE®, was designed by a renowned Australian chemist who spent 30 years testing and developing it. This innovative formula has been scientifically tested by ANSTO* and the reports show a tremendous result of removing volatile organic compounds. These include the ones found in polluted air or in chemicals used for home renovations which are hazardous for people’s health . With an average removal ratio of 96%^ and above, the formula works on over 100 different air toxins.

The biochemical reaction sees ChlorosPURE® catalyse, redox, and react to insoluble chemical odour components, meaning that the toxic molecules are actually transformed into inorganic compounds within seconds.

Sensori+ is driven by the love of nature and is committed to offer vegan & cruelty free products using natural active ingredients. Bringing the benefits of nature in people’s busy lives and giving them visible results through innovative products. Sensori+ is also dedicated to contributing to the long-term solution on climate change by using sustainably sourced ingredients and packaging.

Sensori+ is now available in New Zealand at Smith & Caughey’s and via other leading boutique wellness and gift stores. Shop Now


*ANSTO: Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (Australian Government organisation)

^Based on 3rd party lab efficacy test

Words: Amanda Basher                                                                                                                                        Images: Supplied 

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