Makeup on the Go with The Organic Skin Co.

by Georgia

Life moves pretty fast. And sometimes, our makeup just can’t keep up. It’s a problem that those of us without a makeup artist on hand or the desire to lug around an industrial-sized makeup bag have all faced at some point (yes that is essentially all of us!). How can we get the look we want, or even touch-up the look we’ve got, when we’re constantly on the move and so time poor?

If only there was some way to carry around the makeup we need, in exactly the colours and shades we want, all tucked away in our little clutch purse!

‘Problem noted, and… solved by the team at The Organic Skin Co with their innovative palette and pod system, or, as they like to call it, ‘the ultimate sustainable makeup station’. Designed with the busy woman in mind, the palettes are refillable and customisable, allowing you to choose exactly the products you want for the day – and night – ahead. There are a wide range of natural colours and shades to choose from, across 4 separate, multi-tasking products, meaning you can always get the look you want no matter where you are.

Available in 4 and 8 pod configurations, and offered in 3 gorgeous colours (Blush, Stone and Charcoal), the palettes come only with the products you want, rather than an assortment someone else has decided to put together.

You can choose from:
 Concealers (which provide a soft, flawless base, they essentially work as a foundation as well)
 Cheeky Lips Creams (available in 7 vibrant, long-lasting colours, for your cheeks and lips)
 Eye Shadow Creams (available in 10 highly pigmented colours, all super-easy to blend); and
 Luminizers (for that finishing glow we all love).

We are sold! And what’s more? The Organic Skin Co is a sustainable system, filled with natural makeup that’s good for the planet and your skin. In fact, The Organic Skin Co take sustainability seriously and run a ‘One Product, One Tree’ initiative where a tree is planted for every product sold. If you are looking for the next generation of organic makeup, we think we’ve found it.

The Organic Skin Co is available at selected Farmers stores nationwide and online at

Words: Amanda Basher                                                                                                                                         Images: Supplied 

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