M.A.C-Runway to Real Way

by Amanda

In the latest trends presentation by M.A.C, the global beauty brand announced that its artists have “stepped back from a conceptual approach to makeup and stridden boldly toward a direct and practical conversation around what makeup really does”. In twelve months when we’ve all been through a lot (to put it mildly), it’s a relief to hear this as a consumer, a comforting thought that takes things back to basics. But it’s all about taking a fresh new approach to these basics via four essential trends.

The first key trend is Accessorized, which includes using makeup as adornment in varying forms. It’s about simple yet strongly unique ideas that are singularly executed on one feature, set against clean, quality skin. Kiekie says this trend “really speaks to the eyes, essentially your choice of eye makeup as a type of jewellery on the face. But to keep this concept chic, the key is to accessorise with jewel-tones, liquid metal textures and false lashes rather than literal appliques”. A sweep of a metallic gold pigment over the eyelid or crafting a gold glitter liner along the top lashline takes the look from the festival field and nearer to couture.

The second M.A.C trend that will definitely appeal to fans of old school glamour is Classic, but again it’s about looking at how the perfectly lined eye and red lip can be updated. It celebrates the supreme simplicity of a capsule wardrobe; those basics that just work, but how definitive detailing can take them away from looking ‘iconic’ and toward something more relatable. “A red lip takes on a slightly antique tone,” Kiekie explains, “with a more brick/chilli colour base (like M.A.C Lipstick in Marrakesh) and blurred edges ensuring it feels like a red lip worn by a modern woman.” A dark eye is “perhaps not a classic winged liner but rather a straight edge that finishes the eyes with tough sophistication, not a cat-eye reference”.

Next up is Shaded, which elevates a neutral palette to an essential for those looking to embrace modern, minimal chic. “The key with creating a shaded or sculpted effect in your beauty routine in the most minimal way, is choice of products,” says Kiekie. “When working with layers of neutral tones it’s so important that a contour melts seamlessly into the skin for it to translate as realistic.” Think about shading the face in layers of nudes – apply a perfect match base, follow with a brightening tone of concealer then enhance and hug the contours with your deeper shade of nude. “Pull out some warmth by finishing the top of your contours with a peach-toned nude (like M.A.C Glow Play Blush in So Natural) to enhance this natural shaping.”

Finally, it’s rare that a product comes along that doesn’t just create the trend, it ‘is’ the trend. Such is the case with new Strobe Face Glaze, and the trend is Glossy. The fine, creamy gleam gives the illusion of high-quality, super-refined skin, not disco shine or hyper-dimension. Kiekie says that perfectly done, gloss skin is the ultimate in luxe beauty, but it’s key that you mattify the skin through the centre of the face, so your gloss highlights on cheekbones, eyelids and even lips are offset even more dramatically.



Words: Helene Ravlich

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