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Lanolin Oil – A Versatile Product That’s Beneficial For Hair and Skin

Many people are chasing silky smooth skin and soft, bouncy hair. Lanolin is a well-known ingredient that can help keep your two important physical attributes healthy, strong, nourished and beautiful.

Its deep moisturising traits create a natural protective layer that will minimise the risk of hair breakage, so adding lanolin oil to your hair care routine will not just protect and condition the hair, but also soothe the surrounding skin, helping to eliminate scalp irritations such as dandruff and itchiness through its effective anti-inflammatory properties.

Similar to substances found in humans skin – it acts as an excellent emollient – helping to soothe, moisturise and protect the skin while also functioning as an occlusive to help prevent moisture loss through the epidermis.

Lanolin excels as a lip balm too, soothing chapped lips by penetrating the moisture barrier, leaving them soft and supple.

How does lanolin condition natural eyelashes?

Having perfect lashes is about more than just finding the right mascara or applying other make up products — it’s also keeping your lashes moisturised and caring for them and keeping it from being brittle and dry.

Lanolin conditions, lengthens and strengthens the lashes so make sure you include them in your beauty regimen.

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