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Eclipse Skin Technology has been at the forefront of laser and light technology for over 10 years. Its founder and Director Josh Kersten started the business with the goal of offering repairs and maintenance on some of the very first laser systems that entered the country.

Seeing the very best and very worst in the technology that was on offer at the time and listening to his customers’ successes and frustrations with these machines, Josh realized that he had the knowledge to offer the industry the very latest technology at an affordable price.

Fast forward a few years, Eclipse now has six different platforms ranging from high-end laser hair removal to the latest technology in skin tightening with over 100 machines throughout New Zealand. With a strong focus on adapting the business to the ever-changing industry and his customers’ needs, Josh found a purchase-outright model was not always suitable. That is why he developed a leasing agency within the Eclipse brand, making it easier than ever to get the latest technology and keep up-to-date.

Eclipse is constantly looking to empower their customers with the latest training and information, which is why they partnered with Dr Godfrey Town (UK) to offer his accredited training courses as well as a YouTube channel where Josh provides information and tips to help not only Eclipse customers but the industry in general.


Eclipse Skin Technology PIC Elite


One of the latest additions to the fleet is the Eclipse Elite which was developed in response to customers who were concerned about the low-cost, fast treatments laser franchises were offering. Enter the Elite, a system that was developed to compete with $100,000+ systems at a much more affordable price.

Fast treatments and excellent results were absolute musts when developing the Elite, with full leg treatments completed as quickly as 20 minutes! Using a Diode laser platform, the Elite offers high peak power to the target area while keeping the epidermis at a safe temperature, which means faster and better results. The Elite also uses an Italian cooling system that allows the machine to run cool all day no matter the room temperature and also can bring the treatment tip’s temperature down to as low as -4°C. The Elite is mainly used by high-end clinics with a high client daily treatment turnover, though smaller clinics are increasingly adopting laser technology thanks to the easy leasing model Eclipse offers.

Eclipse Skin Technology HIFU


Another big development for Eclipse was their HIFU skin tightening system which they launched back at the 2018 Beauty Expo. HIFU, which stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, uses focused ultrasound energy and specific depths to create heat in the dermis which helps to tighten the skin and rebuild collagen.

While we know that the most popular areas for treatments are the neck and face, the Eclipse HIFU system has a wide range of cartridges with different depths to treat more parts of the body including triceps, stomach, and legs. 

3 months post single treatment with HIFU

One of the biggest attractions for patients is the fact that these treatments have no downtime. They don’t puncture the skin like other skin tightening treatments, e.g. micro-needling, so there is no chance of infection. A patient will generally have one to two treatments over three months and a follow-up treatment is not generally needed until after 12-18 months.

For clinics, that have a focus on skin or are looking to add another string to their bow, the Eclipse HIFU system offers excellent treatments while adding another strong revenue stream. If you are looking to upgrade an old system, add new services to your clinic, or would simply like to ask a few questions, get in touch with the team at Eclipse Skin Technology today.

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