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by Georgia

Keep It Anchored is designed to reduce daily hair loss by reducing oxidative stress at the scalp. A healthier scalp means strong roots, which leads to a future of fuller, better hair.

It does not grow new hair; it helps you keep more of the hair you have.

How Keep It Anchored Works
New research indicates oxidative stress from the environment is the #1 cause of daily hair loss, this can cause early and excessive hair loss. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals, and it can come from UV exposure, pollution or even an unhealthy scalp.
Oxidative stress effects men and women alike and we are exposed to it daily.
By reducing oxidative stress at the scalp, Keep It Anchored keeps the hair anchored to the scalp for longer.

Keep It Anchored Technology contains antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress and mineral zinc + b-vitamins to improve the health and structure of scalp skin.

Clinical Proof
The Hair Anchor Blend was tested on more than 300 men and woman in a double-blinded, placebo-controlled, 6-month clinical trial. The study was designed by a team of Dermatologists and Hair Scientists to be as rigorous as clinical trials for new treatments

Hair Anchoring Kits were created as a result
Once we had the clinical results, we created systems to make it easy to suit men and women’s hair care routines. The Complete Kit is the full experience – it is for those who want as much anchoring as they can get. It includes 3 products to use in the shower and 1 to use daily regardless of washing or not.
Pre-Cleanser purifies the scalp and unclogs pores
Shampoo has the clinically proven hair anchor blend to nourish scalp and hair roots while you wash.
The Conditioner includes some of the Hair Anchor Blend and strengthens hair fibers against breakage – adding a 2nd defense against hair fall.
The signature product is the Hair Anchoring Essence for the Scalp – this is the most concentrated form of the Hair Anchor Blend. It is a daily leave-on treatment that can be used on wet or dry hair. It dries quickly and leaves scalp feeling refreshed. The Essence is available in all Keep It Anchored kits
We also offer…
The Essentials kit is for someone who likes to wash & go or someone who wants to keep their conditioning treatment but swap out their shampoo and add in the Hair Anchoring Essence.

The Basics Kit is most often purchased by people coming back to top up their kits, as they are more likely to run out of the 1-month supply of Hair Anchoring Essences before the other products in the kit.

Only available in New Zealand, exclusive instore at selected Unichem and Life Pharmacy stores or online at

Words: Dr Jeni Thomas                                                                                                                                         Images: Supplied 

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