It’s what you do daily that counts, naturally boost your immunity

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By Kathryn Hayward

Never in many of our lives has there been a time when wellness and immunity have had a greater focus. When covid changed our behaviour and placed this increased focus on our immunity, Daily Good’s co-founders Rhona and James responded to this shift in our lives, creating a product to address the desire for improved immunity and all-round wellness using the same ingredients that they’ve known and loved for generations.

Initially born during the initial lockdown in New Zealand in March 2020, Daily Good was developed using all-natural ingredients, answering to 60% of global consumers who are looking to natural ingredients to boost their immunity1, while supporting your body with a range of different functions including digestion, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant responses.

So how does Daily Good boost your immunity? Daily Good is not only packed with several ‘super ingredients such as NZ manuka honey but is also formulated with zinc. This vital nutrient is scientifically known to assist your natural immune function and is also a nutrient that New Zealand’s soils typically lack an abundance of.

By supporting you with your daily boost of zinc, Daily Good provides you with a fully-rounded health boost, using USDA-certified organic turmeric and ginger that is grown by Daily Good’s partner farm, Ranadi Organics, where the ingredients used can be traced right back to the very fields they were planted in, and to the person who planted and harvested them and we think that’s pretty special.

Daily Good also helps to support and drive the scale of our women-focused impact work in the South Pacific with Ranadi Organics, providing employment, education, and housing – paving a way out of poverty for hundreds of rural Fijian women. Ranadi in Fijian translates to ‘queen’ and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate name given their award-winning impact work.

Each glass bottle of Daily Good contains 7 shots, eliminating single-use plastics. You can enjoy Daily Good taken ‘neat’ as a shot or diluted in water as a ‘hot toddy’ or a refreshing cool drink. After all, it’s what you do daily that counts!

Daily Good is proudly New Zealand-made and -owned, is gluten-free, dairy-free, organic and uses no added fillers, sweeteners, or nasties.

Source: 1INNOVA Consumer Survey 2020

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