Is The Era of Breast Augmentation Beginning to Close?

by Georgia

Is the era of breast augmentation beginning to close? 

Trends swept through in record-breaking demand making breast augmentations one of the top plastic surgery procedures of 2017. Fueled by the rise of Instagram and the ‘bikini’ body many opted for the procedure to enhance their body. 

Now, it’s the opposite procedure that’s on the rise. Breast reductions, or medically, a reduction mammaplasty – are used to remove excess fat, tissue and skin from the breast, reducing bust size. 

Large breasts can be a pain in the neck – literally – so it’s no surprise many are looking for a smaller, more natural looking bust. Carrying a few extra pounds around can cause all sorts of issues, from shoulder & neck pain. It’s no surprise that a reduction mammaplasty has one of they highest satisfaction rates in plastic surgery. 

Unlike most plastic surgeries, a breast reduction undergone to find relief from the symptoms of a large bust, rather than cosmetic reasons. 

Before you jump into having a reduction, we complied a few facts to consider;

Photo by Fahad Waseem on Unsplash

Your ability to breast feed might be impacted.

Although mostly myth that you won’t be able to breast feed at all, it’s important to consider that it may become an issue later on. Most people can breast feed after surgery, but in some cases the scar tissue may hinder this. It is essential to bring this up during your consultations, in order to discuss what the best form of action is.

You can’t pick a cup size.

While it’s helpful for a surgeon to know your ideal cup size, having a reduction isn’t exactly like shopping for a new bra. Being prepared during the consultation phase with images of your goal breasts is vital – focusing on shape.

Breast reduction is possible for any size

The procedure isn’t just for people who have large breasts. There is no threshold/minimum requirements for needing a breast reduction, as surgeons focus on how you can benefit from the operation. Those with breasts that interfere during physical activity or cause back pain, regardless of size, can look into reduction also. This also means people whose breasts have grown over time, or have always been on the larger side, are also applicable.

Perfect breasts cannot be guaranteed. 

Go in with the mindset that breasts are sisters not twins! Assymetical breast is one of the top reasons people opt to undergo the procedure, however it’s impossible for a surgeon to guarantee the perfect pair.

Reduction is an out patient procedure 

Although a breast reduction is major surgery just like any, it’s not as time- consuming or intense as you may believe. The surgery is approximately a three hour out-patient procedure, meaning you will go home the same day as the surgery. You can continue recovery in the comfort of your own home. Specialists predict patients are usually back to normal routine in a week.


A scars shape and size will depend on the technique used however, patients that undergo the surgery can expect a scar around the areola, and an anchor-shaped scar, extending from the nipple to underneath the breast. 
Selecting a surgeon who specialises in reduction mammaplastys will help to make sure the scar is as minimal as possible. This will also be determined by how well each patient heals genetically. 

Words: Georgia Rose                                                                                                                                               Images: Pinterest, Unsplash 

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