The Inside Guide to Lash Extensions

by Amanda

Whether you are a lash enthusiast or complete newbie, there is no denying that lash extensions are a girl’s best friend for anyone looking for thickness, length and volume without a single coat of mascara needed.

To learn more, The Beauty Book sat down with Natalie Smith from Envie Cosmetics, the Auckland lash specialist you need to know about.
















What are the different types of lash extension sets available?

At Envie, we offer Classic and Russian Volume sets.

Classic lashes are applied on a 1:1 ratio; one false lash to one real lash. When complete, this style gives you a gorgeous, glossy-mascara look.

Russian Volume lashes are applied as a fan. Handmade fans contain between 2-6 lashes, these are applied to one natural lash. When complete, this style gives a much fuller, fluffier look.

With both Classic and Russian Volume, you can opt for a Natural, Full, or Glam set. Each set varies in application time and on the amount of lashes applied. We understand that everybody is different, so a full consultation is carried out before your treatment to determine the lash set best suited for you.

What are extensions made out of?

There are many different types of lash material and choosing the right one is the key to a long lasting, full-looking lash set. At Envie, we use high quality silk extensions which are made from a material called PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate), a synthetically engineered thermoplastic. Silk lashes are soft, flexible, heat resistant (meaning they won’t lose their curl), and give every lash set a high gloss, shiny finish.

How do I take care of my extensions?

DON’T get them wet for 24hrs after treatment. This includes, saunas, sweating, steam rooms, and crying (we’ll assume happy tears because you’re loving your new lashes!)

DO brush them daily. This prevents any tangling and damage to your natural lashes. They will continue to look neat, tidy, and uniform.

DO cleanse them daily with an oil free wash. It’s extremely important to keep your extensions clean. Any makeup, oil, or dirt that gets left on the lashes will not only effect the longevity of the glue, but also the health of your eye.

DON’T use oil-based products over them. Any product containing oil will weaken the glue bond and your lashes will drop out much sooner than you’d like them to!

DON’T pick, pull, or rub them as this will most definitely cause damage to natural lashes which no one wants.

How long will my extensions last?

We recommend an infill every 2-3 weeks. At this point some lashes will have shed, and some will have grown out. Any extensions that are still attached but have grown too far from the eyelid will need to be removed and a fresh lash applied. We then fill any remaining gaps with new extensions.

During an infill appointment prep work is key to ensuring the health of the natural lashes.

Do eyelash extensions ruin natural lashes?

Technically, no, they shouldn’t.

There are many factors to consider, but choosing an experienced lash technician is absolutely vital. If your lashes are applied correctly, they won’t cause any damage to your underlying lashes. That, paired with following the correct aftercare advice given to you, will ensure the health and longevity of your own lashes.

So, how do I know if I’m visiting a reputable and experienced lash technician?

  1. Make sure your lash technician goes through a thorough consultation with you. They should cover topics such as allergies, cosmetic sensitivities, medication, previous lash treatments & your experience with them, plus questions to determine your preference over the length and style of lash set you have in mind.
  2. They should then have feedback for you. They’ll either make you aware of any reason why your desired look cannot be achieved (this is usually determined by the natural length and number of lashes you have), and offer an alternative, or you’ll continue with the treatment.
  3. Always check the cleanliness of a salon. Adherence to health & safety protocols is critical!
  4. Do your research and check out their work beforehand. Instagram, Facebook, and online reviews are all great ways to see the work a lash technician is producing. If they’re using stock images to advertise their business, be wary!
  5. You should never be able to feel your eyelash extensions. If they feel itchy, irritating, or you have pain on your eyelid, it is highly likely your extensions have not been applied correctly. Have these removed immediately.

Why does the cost of lashes vary so much?

You’ve probably noticed the price difference between various salons for eyelash extensions. Experience, level of training, and quality of products will factor into this decision. I highly recommend doing research into a salon before booking an appointment. Fast & cheap is definitely not always better!

Can I wear makeup with extensions?

Yes and no. Eye shadow, eyeliner, and face makeup is fine. Mascara is not recommended.

Mascara will clump the extensions together and is tough to remove. If you’re feeling as though you need mascara over extensions, you may want to re-visit your lash technician for a fuller set.

If you are wearing an eyeshadow or eyeliner, you must clean this off fully at the end of each day to ensure the health of your eyes.

Can I go swimming with extensions?

Yes, absolutely! (apart from the first 24hrs when we recommend you keep them dry.)

Getting them wet in the ocean, swimming pool, or shower is fine. Dry them thoroughly, brush them afterwards and you’re good to go.

I’ve never had extensions and am very sensitive to cosmetic products. Will I react?

The only way to know is to try. We recommend having 10-20 extensions applied to each eye to see how they feel. This will give you a good indication towards any possible reaction to the lash adhesive. (That’s not to say a reaction definitely wouldn’t happen with a full set, unfortunately there is still a possibility).

NEVER let a lash technician apply glue directly to the skin, this is a big no, no. Lash glue is not meant for skin. It can only be applied to lashes, at least 1mm away from the eyelid.

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