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Industry Profile: Leanne Rose

by Georgia

Working in the hair industry for over thirty years, is no easy feat. Starting her career at sixteen, Leanne Rose sure knows a thing or two about hairdressing. 

With an experience ranging from magazine, film and television, Leanne has a wealth of knowledge. Opening her salon, Vauxhall Rose, in 2013, Leanne left the free-lance world behind to explore and grow her own brand.

What sort of experience have you had across the industry?

I started off in an apprenticeship working in a salon. Once I finished study, I went to work in film, which made me realise I wanted to do both hair and makeup. Slowly I ended up in TV Hair & Makeup, working at TVNZ with all our favourite news anchors. For a few years in between this and opening the salon, I worked free-lance with magazines such as FQ, SimplyYou and Next in the editorial section. 

Why did you decide to open your own salon?

I decided it was time to return to my roots and open a salon. At that time in my career, I had to find ways to grow and starting my own business was the perfect challenge. I wanted to imitate the fun, friendly environment you find in the TV makeup and hair department. We do everything from styling, hair and makeup, as well as personal appearance advice. You’ll also find great tea and chat!

How has your approach to hairdressing changed since you first opened? 

Having my own salon has given me the great opportunity to try a great range of products. I can explore environmentally friendly and healthy products as a lot has changed in the market since I first opened. It has been a growing interest for me to focus on inner health for both our hair and skin.

You focus a lot on hair from within how did that come about? 

The way things are moving forward, health and wellness is at the forefront of most industries and hairdressing is the same. The long term investment in helping my clients with changes to their hair and skin, through both age and stresses, is just as important as the products we are putting on our body. Something that has always interested me is healthy hair, so now the wellness industry is really expanding, it has been great for the products I can get.

Should we be taking supplements and collagen for our hair?

Yes we should. Together with my clients, we have seen a great improvement from taking ‘hair, skin and nails’ supplements, specifically Ethical Nutrients. Adding collagen powder to my daily routine with a teaspoon in my morning coffee has also made a huge difference. In the long run, it means my clients are happy and healthier – seeing results from their treatments.

What is the future for Vauxhall Rose?

To maintain and grow our business. To continue to employ and teach younger hairdressers, and share all my years of experience. I have just taken on a new apprentice, so I am excited to help grow her skills and experience through Vauxhall Rose. I will also continue to explore the different avenues of healthy hair and wellness as these areas grow. 

Words: Georgia Rose                                                                                                                                                Images: Supplied

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